Summary: Lott's slow slide towards Sodom

Gen 13:5-13

1)We become discontent with the brethren (Verses 7-9)

-there was strife, while the man of God wanted Unity.

-He was not satisfied with being second to Abraham.

-He had a choice to make: follow the man of God and God or Go his own way.

-Even if there is strife in the camp, follow God and the man of God.

-If God isn't first in our lives, then we like Lott will pitch our tent toward Sodom.

2)We look towards our wants instead of His (Verses 10-11)

-He looked around with worldly eyes and lust.

-He did not seek the face of God and His Will.

-Instead of saying I am going to stay with the man of God, He went with what he wanted and what he thought would make him more successful instead of God's Will (while with God He was Blessed see v5).

-when we get dissatisfied with God (because of our sin), we start giving to the Lust of the flesh, not caring for the ramifications that WILL come later in life (Zoar).

-we should look to God for the answer to our dissatisfaction and allow him to change and fix it.

3) We forsake our way of life and God (Verse 12).

-Lott is now living in the cities

-The reason he left Abraham isn't even in His mind any longer.

-Now Lott is immersed in the Sin of this world (v13) (when the angels came to get him he was at the gate, where was Absolom when he tried to become the king daily at the gate).

-We forsake our way of life.

-The reasons we left God we don't even remember why we left in the first place.

-Immersed in our sin.

When we get here the only thing that can help us is Christ, the Cross, and the men of God making intersession for us.

*what is it going to be: strife and dissatisfaction will you follow God or yourself?

*will you go for your wants instead of God's Will?

*Are you going to forsake God and His way of life.

*Lott continued down the path, but in the End He knew he should have turned back to God.

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