Summary: Teaching people how to get the joy of the Lord back into their life

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A lot of us have been in a church service that has uplifted us through the music and hearing God’s word spoken. That joyous feeling may last for a whole day but when Monday comes around we tend to revert back to our old selves. What Happened, and how can we stop that from happening? As I was praying this morning I was asking the Lord what I should write to you about and He gave me this vision of a fire.

One of the main things in this life that we lack is joy, abundant joy. Most of us are trying to find joy in everything but God. We think that a job, relationship, hobby or financial security will bring us joy. Some of those things will make us happy for a time but only for a time. Joy only comes from the Lord. So how do we get that joy into our own hearts? Back to the vision the Lord gave me. I love to make a campfire. Many years ago I remember going on a fishing trip in the mountains of Arizona. There were about 10 men from our church and it was a great time of fellowship. It was my duty to get the fire going. Well get it going I did. I had it so hot in that cabin that everyone was down to their shorts. The good part about a fire is that it gives off heat. The bad part about a fire is that you have to work to keep it going.

In our walk with Jesus the time when we were saved great joy came into our lives. Before we were saved we did not have the Holy Spirit of Jesus inside of us. But God rescued you and I who are believers and now He lives inside of us. What great joy that moment was. But just like a fire if we do not work to keep it going the fire will go out. I am not talking about losing your salvation but I am talking about joy. If we do not spend time with Jesus our joy will be incomplete. Our initial conversion may keep us happy for days or even a month but the concerns of this world will take over our joy.

Philippians 2:12,13 “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.”

Let us try to do a number of things in our life to bring the joy of the Lord back to us. Let us stoke the fire of God’s love in our heart. We can do that by.

1. Praying – Make it a habit to talk to Jesus daily. Not a rote prayer but what is on your heart. God desires for you to speak to Him. Do not make this an eloquent prayer. You may be only able to say “Help”. But that is all God needs to hear.

2. Reading your Bible – God left us His word in the bible. It is a road map for life. I know from experience that my life turns to chaos when I do not read God’s word. If you can understand who God is and what He has done for you joy will come into your life. Read a chapter a day and you will be changed.

3. Memorizing Scripture – It may only be one verse but the only weapon we have in this world to fight the schemes of the devil is God’s word. If we don’t have a weapon we will be ineffective. We can’t fight Satan by our own will.

4. Tithing – I know this makes a lot of people uneasy. I have heard “The church only wants my money”. It doesn’t matter what the church does with your money, that is between the church and God. We are called to give 10% of our money to further God’s kingdom by supporting our local church. Plus it is a reminder that it is God’s money anyway. Here is a great analogy. When you get your paycheck just ask yourself how much of God’s money you are going to give back to Him! Sometimes our lack of joy comes from our desire to hold onto false things that we think will give us security. Giving IS an act of worship.

Doing these four things will keep the fire of Gods love burning in your soul. But we have to make an effort. Not for our salvation but for our joy. Take time today to put God first. I don’t know what may be holding you captive to leading a joyful life but Satan and God knows. Give it all up today and pray for God to fill you with His Spirit to overflowing. It is never too late to get a fresh start. Don’t let the past hold you captive anymore.

Have an awesome day


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