Summary: There are some things that will happen when God is in control of our worship. This message examines some of these things.

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What Happens When God Controls Worship

John 4:23-24; Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6,8,10-13, 9:1-3


I. The Congregation is Edified (Neh. 8:1-3)

A. When God controls our worship and the Word of God is proclaimed in the spirit and power of the Holy Spirit the body will be edified and built up.

1. Paul discusses the building up of the body as we serve God within the body of Christ when we all are doing are part to serve God. ( I Cor. 12:19)

2. Again in Eph. 4:11-12 the duty of the leadership, especially the pastors of churches is to build up and prepare the church for ministry.

B. When we come together part of that building up has to be in the teaching and preaching of the word of God.

1. Cannot be all John 3:16 preaching.

2. When we give God control of our worship and it becomes about Him people coming to Christ will be a by product of a worshipping people.

C. Notice that Ezra’s reading of the word is to those that can understand.

II. Reverence is a Part of Worship (v. 5-6)

A. Your attitude many times coming into worship will determine the reverence with which you worship.

B. We must remember the holiness of God as we worship Him.

1. God is not interested in our rituals

2. God is not interested in our traditions

3. When a body of people begin to worship the traditions, rituals, the music, etc. then God is not the focal point of our worship.

C. The reading and preaching of the word of God should bring to mind the importance of reverence.

D. Notice the reaction to the reading of God’s word.

1. They stood

2. The affirmed it by saying amen.

3. They lifted their hands in praise and adoration for God.

4. They bowed with their face to the ground.

III. Compliance Is a Byproduct of God-Controlled Worship (v. 8)

A. If God is the focus and is controlling our worship then we will have a desire to submit to the word and commands of scripture.

B. If we are worshipping to please God it will drive us to be concerned for those that may not understand the word of God. GREAT COMMISSION

IV. Conviction Will Be Experienced (v. 9)

A. God’s word will cause conviction (Hebrews 4:12

B. Notice the reaction of the children of Israel was weeping. The word of God has the power to encourage as well as pierce the inner soul.

1. Revival will begin when a church begins to be convicted by the word of God and the Holy Spirit.

2. When Spirit and word begins to convict the people of God it is then that those outside of Christ will notice and begin to turn to Christ in great numbers.

V. When God is in Control Celebration Will Occur (v. 10)

A. When all the previous things begin to happen then celebration will be a natural by product of worship.

B. When God moves among us we ought to celebrate and not just be business as usual.

1. It was an O.T principle.

2. It was also a N.T. principle (Acts 2:42-47

C. As we worship God whether we are encouraged or convicted we ought to celebrate because it is evidence that we are worship with a heart bent toward God.

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