Summary: What happens when we finally give it to the Lord?

Psalms 6:1-10

What happens when we finally give it to the Lord?

1st of the penitental psalms (perhaps after Davids time with Bathsheba.

Verse 1- we hear David crying out to the Lord to not rebuke him in his anger, and not to chasten him in his displeasure (if we are His and we are in Sin God says those that I love those that are mine I chasten and if no chastening is happening while you are back slidden and in your Sin then you are none of His)

Verse 2- we hear of his cry for mercy from the Lord because his is weak in his sin, and begs of healing (forgiveness) for his bones are vexed (Hebrew=bahal=terified or tormented) (when we are Christ and we are in sin nothing is right in our body nor our mind and spirit)

Verse 3- David is continuing in his groaning about is physical state and Ask God how long will you not be with me how long do I have to face and feel this emptiness in my heart.

Verse 4- He cries out for God to return to him and to deliver him out of this bondage of Sin that he is in (when we know the sweetness of God and the peace of God when it is not there we are above all men most miserable.)

V5-David's feeling of spiritual death and lack of peace makes him feel as if he cannot give praise unto the Lord in his dead state.

V6 & 7- shows his condition before crying out to God while in his pity party

Verse 8 all things change because here he has given it to God, What happens when we finally give it to the Lord God of Heaven?

1) there can be no intermingling with Sin (v8).

-He has to confess his sin (1 john 1.9).

-He has to tell it to get away.

-He then fortifies himself against it (with God who has heard him).

-When we are in the depths of our sin we need to confess it.

-We have to say I will not be a part of this Sin anymore.

-We have to have God be that strenght and fortification.

2) Then once we have been cleansed then God can Hear us (v9).

-When sin is present in our lives the only prayer that God can hear is one of forgiveness (2 Chronicles 7:14).

-He ask for the mercy of God in his life.

-After trying to handle it himself he finally gave it to the Lord (v 1-5).

-When we give it ALL over to God, then we know God can hear us.

-Now a new era has began, behold all things have became new.

3)Therefore all sin is gone, nailed to the cross (v10) (Col 2:14).

-Sin can not be in the presence of God

-Our sin is nailed to the cross never to be remembered.

Just as David there is newness of Life (Paul- the new man).

-When God id in control Sin can not be near when we're in Christ (Romans 8).

-We bring it to him turn away (repenting) and Leaving it at the Cross of Christ (If not we turn our backs on God).

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