Summary: This deals with giving examples of what God has done for us and then asking the question, what are you going to do for Him. This sermon has some personal illistrations that can be replaced with your own.

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What have You done for ME lately 3/15/2005

Psalm 100

You can remember the song sang by Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately”. In a relationship it is about give and take; not just what you receive out of the relationship. And the same should be true for us as well in our relationship with God. It is not just about what He has done for you, but what are you going to do for Him.

This is the last Sunday of our Ministry Gladness and each week we have featured a different ministry of the church and asked you to find one and get involved in. Remember we are not put here for our good looks (Thank God, because some of us would be in trouble) but for our good works.

James 2:14,17 What does it profit my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 17 Thus faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

True story about myself; I was always considered little when I was growing up. So needless to say that basketball was not my sport of choice. I enjoyed the contact sports, not the ones with the golly green giants like basketball. After doing very well in wrestling in the 10th grade (wrestling 98# and only weighing 94#) I had found the sport of my choice. But after my Dad started a Christian school, I had no choice but to finish my 11th and 12th grades there.

The only competitive sport that we had in the school was basketball. You know my least favorite. But being the sports enthusiastic person I was I tried out for the team. I made the team, but at that time without even having a gym or even a rim to practice with, tryouts were mainly base on speed and I had my share of running experience.

My brother who was a senior at the time also went to the same school. Now being taller and bigger than me, he liked basketball. It was probably the sport of his choice. And he was good at it. He averaged 28 points per game and was our star player.

Our fist game I can remember sitting on the bench in the third quarter and watching the game. It was one of those games that we were so far behind that I didn’t dream that I would ever get to play. I guess the coach had different plans and decided to throw in the towel and I heard him shout, “Meadows go in for so in so” I looked down the bench thinking maybe my brother had set out but I looked and he was on the floor.

This was my chance. I ran out there with so much enthusiasm that I don’t remember touching the floor. And in that time I set a record. It might be a record that still stands today. I fouled out in 1:23. I was fouling people who were lined up shooting foul shouts from where I had just fouled them. I don’t think we made it past the half court line. Before the coach could sub me out, I had fouled out.

I can remember the next practice that we had the coach calling me forward in front of the whole team. I thought, oh no, here we go, use me as an example of how not to play basketball. But instead, he did the opposite. He praised my hustle and my enthusiasm and started me as the point guard the next game. We played a 2/3 trap. Now I only made 7 points the whole season, but I averaged 5 fouls a game.

My point to telling you this was that I did something. And you need to be doing something too. So let me just remind this morning of a few things that Jesus has done for you so that you can answer the question of what you are going to do for Him.

He was born for you

We celebrate His birth each year with Christmas, one of my favorite times of the year. Now other than the fact that His birth was miraculous by the virgin birth, what other ways make His birth so special.

It was where He was born. The Jews were looking for a king. A king you would like would be born in a palace with servants to answer His beaconed call. But He chose to be born in a stinky smelly stable. He wasn’t wrapped in fine linens but swaddling cloths. He never had any designer cloths. He still could have served His purpose and been born by a Queen and lived in a palace.

You have to remember what He left. Heaven! He left a place where He was praised and worshiped. He left a place where everything was perfect.

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