Summary: Just as God wants us to know and possess the things that He has freely given He also wants to help us with things that are not immediately within our reach but that we need in life ¡V The finger and elbow arrangement.

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What I can not handle, I hand-over!

Anchor Scriptures: 2 Kings 4:8-37

Just as God wants us to know and possess the things that He has freely given He also wants to help us with things that are not immediately within our reach but that we need in life ¡V The finger and elbow arrangement.

Hospitality: vs 8 ¡V 11. The woman was very hospitable. She made her home available to the servant of God. One of the mark of our Christian life is offering ourselves to others. How God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good¡K¡K¡K

God¡¦s Pay Back Time: vs 12 ¡V 14 God will not owe any man. God will remember every labour of love. Elisha wanted to repay her. She replied that she lives among her own people. Every help that Man can give to her is within reach! She does not need any man-made help.

None the less, Heaven has more than man can provide. Gehazi recognized that there was no child in the house and the husband was old. There is no help from man on that score.

She has lost hope in this area, and she did not want her hope raised again.

Nonetheless, she conceived! God broke through the limitations and released an inheritance into her lap.

The Attack: vs 18 ¡V 20 The child grew up, was involved in their lives. Their situation had changed and the attack. The father could not handle it, he referred him to the mother (Specialist/expert). She struggled with all the solutions she could think off, but nothing worked. She put on hold everything that she could have done for the day and focused on the child, but no improvement.

If you have nursed a sick child, you will realise how slow time can be!

Then the child died, hope died, dream died!

Her Approach: vs 21 ¡V 23 While the child was sick she had options, but alas! It has gone beyond her. But she knew that it was not beyond God! She put the child on the bed of the man of God! We all need to have room for God in our house, where we can get into and lay our troubles down! She shut the door and made preparations to bring the man of God down. That was faith in expression! She prophesised two things:

ƒæ I shall come back again ¡V

ľ It shall be well

We all need this conviction in our lives, that in spite of the storm and the raging of hell, God is able to bring us back again and it shall be well. The power that created the Heavens and the earth is able to RESTORE it. In spite of the corruption that is prevalent, God has made provision for a New Heaven and a New earth!

The place of religion and tradition: Religion speak up clearly against the hope of this woman ¡V

ƒæ It is neither new moon nor Sabbath ¡V God has time and eternity in His hands. We can call on Him whenever and wherever. Many will go to Church just as a routine whereas God wants to be actively involved in our lives every moment!

ƒæ Gehazi thrust her away from Elisha¡¦s feet-

Hope in God vs 24 ¡V 27 The help she was driving towards was running towards her! The man of God saw her afar off! God is looking to and from seeking for the person to whom He will show Himself strong.

Declaration ¡V¡§Help is coming my way today¡¨. Right now God is working it out!

Is it well? It is well? Vs 26 God will never ask us questions that are outside His promises and purposes? Say ye to the righteous, it shall be well with him!

The staff are the official peraphenalia of Elisha ¡V The Bible, cross, rosary, etc in themselves will not perform miracles unless the hands they are in have been switched on by God. It is like the bulbs and electrical appliances. Until the are plugged into the source of power, they are at best just useless. That is why God wants us to be JOINED to HIM. Having our roots in Him and not religion.

Religion looks for Voice and Hearing! It is not patient to understand the way of God. Many are not following God because they can not see VOICE or HEARING. They have there own measuring stick and if God is not doing it there own way, then it is not working! It is the spirit of error. God is Sovereign!

Elisha and Expectation: vs 32 ¡V 36 The Spirit of God comes to our level. Elisha came down to a dead body¡¦s level. That is what it takes sometime. To revive hope. When we handover what we can not handle to God, He comes to our level to pick us up with our mess and all and breathes again into the situation. We do not have to wait for the VOICE and HEARING, a slight change in temperature is enough to stir our hope back to life!

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