Summary: Part 2 in the series on what we need from God. This was given for Memorial day about putting our security in the right person.

God, What I really need is....

Security in these times of trouble

Psalms 37:1-10 read

We have been doing a series on... God, what I really need is...

last week...we looked at what we really need is God.

The second part of that sermon was that what we really need is Spiritual Growth.

Today we will look at what we need God is.... Security in these troubled times.

I want to talk to you about security.

What will it take for you to worry less and trust God more.

It is Memorial day, a day we honor all the men and women who have fought to keep us safe. Who decided a long time ago, it is better to fight the battle on someone’s else’s front than our own shores.

On September 11th, 2001, the battle did come to our front, by an unseen and unidentifiable enemy. WW1, WWII, Korean, Vietnam,, all these wars were against identifiable people and countries.

Today we fight “Terrorism”. A group of people from all over the world who are tying to unite in the common cause of scaring and destroying us.


Former President Bush, surrounded by his security counsel said it best:

“We are facing a different enemy than we have ever faced”.

This enemy does not even fight fair. No declared war, just going around the world and killing innocent people.

We were in shock and awe. This is the United States, this does not happen here. This does not happen to me. This should happen to someone else. Some other family.

Questions to answer:

How do we react to living in an unsafe world?

What is our response as a Christian?

Where does our security really come from?

Are we more than survivors, more than the fittest of the fit?

The short and quickest answer:

“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124)

The God who says that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

We have been studying in Jeremiah on Wed. Night. This week we saw that Jeremiah was discouraged that unbelievers were appearing to be blessed, appearing to have things going their way while he struggled. His pay back from being a follower was people seeking to destroy him and harm him.

The text this morning tells us to not fret evil people.

They will soon die off.

He tells us to trust God and keep doing what he knows to do.

He tells us to commit our lives to Him.

He tells us to be still and wait patiently.

He tells us to refrain from anger.

Whew Don’t you feel bette

Your not angry anymore.

Your not scared from what you see in the world.

Your not worrying about anything.

Yea right

On September 11th- ninth month, 11th day, God sent us a 911.

It’s amazing how many people dialed up to God and wanted to call a long forgotten friend.

In an emergency call 911. God it is me, I need your help.

Here’s the first truth.

I. Our security is in God

If you are trying to build your own bunker, buy enough food, have enough guns, it won’t give you the security that your heart longs for.

The prosperity of the wicked appears to be a blessing.

They appear to be experiencing the good life.

The key word is appears.

The Lord showed Jeremiah:

Many shepherds are ruining my vineyard.

I am always on their lips, but far from their hearts.

They will sow, but reap thorns.

They will tire themselves out, but gain nothing.

To build self gained security, self gained prosperity without God is a failure waiting to happen.

To most people security is safety, protection, shield of defense, salvation(heaven), shelter, refuge, without God that is a impossible task.

Wanting to treat God almighty like a security blanket.

When I go to sleep God, please be with me.

When I venture out into the unknown, please keep me safe.

(Like Nemo swimming away from the reef. (FINDING NEMO)

Pretty soon we get brave and we don’t think we need that security blanket, and it gets thrown in the corner.


Linus from the Peanuts cartoon, “only one yard of flannel stands between me and a nervous breakdown”

Our security is in our relationship with God.

He is our God, we are His people. He promises to be with us,

He does not promise no problems. In fact, to believers he does say there will be persecution for our faith and who we put our trust in.

The United States is a self proclaimed superpower. Meaning that we are one of the countries with the biggest stick. We choose if we will be evil or good with that. I can think of many other countries if they had our capabilities that would not be a peacemaker, they would be a nightmare to the world.

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