Summary: Message 3 from 1 John focusing on the remedy for sin - confession.

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“What If I Sin?”

1 John 1:7-2:2



John joyfully announced the message he received from Jesus who eternally existed with the Father but became flesh and visibly lived among men. God is light and not one speck of darkness can be found anywhere in his character.

The term LIGHT was used to point to…

Intellectual perception

Moral and ethical purity

Relational passion – love, goodness, kindness

Spiritual awareness

Physical and spiritual life, power and influence

Light also illuminates the beauty around us.

The term DARKNESS was used to point to...

Intellectual dullness

Moral and ethical depravity

Relational disconnect

Spiritual deadness

Physical and spiritual lifelessness, hopelessness, helplessness - death

Darkness prevents us from seeing beauty, truth and life around us.

The nature of God is light in every sense of the word.

B. The Implications 1:6-4:6

Since the core of God’s character or nature is light, what are the implications for those who want to relate to him? John exposed both the faulty beliefs and corresponding faulty behavior of some who claimed to know God but lived their lives in darkness. John encouraged proper belief and behavior for all. Since God is light it only follows that those who want to relate to Him should live in the light. John stated this truth from both a negative and positive perspective.

1. Continually walk (live) in the Light

a) Failure to walk in the light (negative)

IF we claim to have an intimate partnership with God and yet continually live contrary to God’s ways (walk in darkness)…

THEN we neither speak the truth nor live the truth.

Practice proves partnership. Conduct confirms connection. Action authenticates association

There were some in John's day as there are today that claimed the label Christian (follower of Christ) but whose lifestyle bore little resemblance to the way Jesus lived.

Slapping a Cadillac emblem on a Geo Metro will have no effect on the actual performance of the Geo Metro. John affirmed that those whose lifestyle is characterized more by deeds of darkness than light and yet claim to have intimate partnership and connection with the God who is light, neither speak the truth nor live the truth.

John is more concerned about reality than rhetoric.

John is more concerned about our walk that our words.

John highlights the character of our life rather than the content of our lips.

b) Walking in the light

On the flip side however, John revealed the reality and blessing of those who choose to live in the light; those who invite God's light to dispel any darkness and direct every choice.

but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

In this verse John employed all present tense verbs indicating present continuous action.

IF we continually live in the light where God continually lives then two realties become characteristic of our life.

We suggested last week that living in the light has to do with coming to God for enlightenment.

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