Summary: Let’s read from the Bible how the events of Palm Sunday turned out.

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LUKE 19:28-48


There is a legend about an ancient village in Spain. The villagers learned that the king would pay a visit. In a thousand years, a king had never come to that village. Excitement grew. "We must throw a big celebration!" The villagers all agreed. But, it was a poor village, and there weren’t many resources. Someone came up with a classic idea. Since many of the villagers made their own wines, the idea was for everyone in the village bring a large cup of their choice wine to the town square. They said, “We’ll pour it into a large vat and offer it to the king for his pleasure! When the king draws wine to drink, it will be the very best he’s ever tasted!”

The day before the king’s arrival, hundreds of people lined up to make their offering to the honored guest. They climbed a small stairway, and poured their gift through a small opening at the top. Finally, the vat was full! The King arrived, was escorted to the square, given a silver cup and was told to draw some wine, which represented the best the villagers had.

He placed the cup under the spigot, turned the handle, and then drank the wine, but it was nothing more than water. You see, every villager reasoned, "I’ll withhold my best wine and substitute water. What with so many cups of wine in the vat, the king will never know the difference!" The problem was, everyone thought the same thing, and the king was greatly dishonored.

Palm Sunday is all about a day when the King of Kings was greatly honored. Because people gave the very best they had – a gift of praise. This day marks the beginning of the end for Jesus’ earthly life. The first day in what was to be his last week. His weekend would take him to a cross on Friday morning, into a tomb on Friday night and all day Saturday, then ultimately result in him being raised to life again on the following Sunday morning.

I would like us to engage our brains and our imagination this morning as we begin to think about Easter. I want you to imagine the street that the church is on. We’ll start at the corner with the YMCA. Across the street from the YMCA are all the lawyer offices. There’s the Fallon Hotel. The parking lot. Then you get to our church. There are trees lining the street and parking meters spaced along the road as well. The sidewalks on both sides are a little uneven in places. Do you have a mental picture of the street? Now, I want you to imagine a small parade rounding the corner at the YMCA. It is mostly people walking, but there is one car in the procession with a person riding high in the back.

There are crowds on both sides of the street cheering and waving and making a big commotion. You join the crowds and push to the front. As you are pushing to the front, you hear singing and hear musical instruments from somewhere. You finally make it to the front. You look at the procession passing by. You finally see the person in the car.

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