Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: By showing what it would be like with out a resurection, we can prove that there is.


What would it be like if there were no resurection?

many people ask what if questions, and this is a big what if questions. By seeing what it would be like if there were no resurection would could show that there has been a resurection. This message shows just what it would be like if there were no resurection.

I.)Preaching would be vain:

II.)Faith would be vain:

III.)Desciples would be deceitful:

IV.)Sin would be soverign:

V.)Death would have dominion:

VI.)Future would be fearful:

Closing: There is a resurection.

He is alive.

He keeps his promise.

There is something wonderful in your future.

Every point in this message reverse, and that is what it is like because of a resurection.

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