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What is a Christian? Acts 11:19-26

I. Intro

A. You ever see the "man on the street" interviews on TV?

1. There was a movie out several years ago called "Super Size Me."

2. It's a documentary about a guy who decided to eat nothing but food from McDonald's for 30 days.

3. Occasionally in the movie they have these "man on the street" type interviews.

4. They stopped people on the streets and asked them their opinion about food.

5. Some of the answers were very funny and some were very sad.

6. And none of them agreed with the other.

B. With these interviews if you ask 30 people their opinion on a subject you usually get 30 different answers.

1. Everybody's got their own opinion and they all think they are right.

2. It's really good when the questions have to do with politics.

3. Everybody's got an opinion about politics and politicians.

4. But not all of them are always right.

5. Sometimes none of them are right - at least that's my opinion!”

“II. What if you saw a "man on the street" interview asking this question "What is a Christian?"

A. What kind of answers and opinions do you think you might get?

1. I think you might get some doozies!

2. Here are a few I think you might hear.

B. A Christian is someone who believes in God.

1. I believe there is a God.

2. He or she is out there somewhere watching us.

3. There's a higher power and I believe there's a higher power.

4. A Christian is someone who believes there's a God.

C. A Christian is someone who tries to live a good life and treats other people right.

1They do the best they can.

2. Their good parts outweigh their bad parts.

3. They try and help other people occasionally.

4. They don't judge others.

5. A Christian is someone trying to live and let live.

D. A Christian is someone who has Christian parents or Christian spouses.

1. I'm a Christian by birth.

2. My parents are Christian and I'm their child.

3. I'm a Christian because my family is Christian.

4. It's kind of like a birthright I got it[...]”

“5. I'm a Christian because my family is Christian.

E. A Christian is someone who gives money to a church.

1. I like what the church does so I give them money to support them.”

“2. They have good causes and I'm a good person so I give my money to do good things.

3. I'm a Christian because I support the church financially.

F. A Christian is someone who's been baptized.

1. I've been dunked or sprinkled.

2. I've been through catechism I've been confirmed.

3. I've got certificates that attest to this.

4. I'm a Christian because I've done all the right stuff.

G. A Christian is someone who goes to church.

1. They may have somehow joined a church.

2. They have their names in a church record book somewhere.

3. I'm a Christian because I go to church.

H. Those are all opinions and answers you might get with a "man on the street" interview asking "What is a Christian?"

1. I've heard all of these answers before.

2. There are other answers you can throw in there too.

3. What I want us to do today is CONSIDER WHETHER THESE ARE GOOD ANSWERS.

4. Are these really the answer to "What is a Christian?"

III. To find an answer to the question "What is a Christian" we're going to see what the Bible says.

A. The Bible is the[...]”

“2. The Bible says it is God-inspired.

3. The Bible tells us that God speaks through its words.

4. So if there's a true definitive answer to "What is a Christian?" it ought to be in the God- inspired God-speaking Bible.

B. So let's go to the Bible and see if we can find an answer to the question: WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN?

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