Summary: Disciplining role of women

What is a mother to do these days?

Happy mother’s day

I. This is one day a year when we get to collectively honor our mothers.

A. It should be something that is done more than once a year and with more than just a nice card and flowers.

1. It isn’t easy to be a mother today.

a) There are many pressures brought to bear on moms today

b) So many other “things” that demand your time and attention.

2. I remember when I was a kid

a) My mom was home all the time.

b) She was available for us kids when we needed her.

3. Now if mom isn’t working she is spending lots and lots of her time taking kids to and from any number of places and events.

4. On top of this there is the demand by some in our society that she go out and have a career if she is really going to find her self-respect.

5. She has to juggle these things with keeping her house looking nice and getting meals ready and being there for her husband.

B. What is a mother to do??

C. First I would like to clear up a misconception that many have concerning motherhood and fulfillment.

1. There are those who say that mothers and women in general are not treated very well by God and the church.

a) Women are commanded to be sexual slaves to their husbands.

b) They are told not to leave their responsibilities at home.

(1) Dishes

(2) Kids

(3) Laundry

(4) Kids

(5) Dusting and vacuuming.

2. Do you know that women actually gained stature with the emergence of Christianity?

a) Gal. 3:28

b) Prior to this they were considered the property of their fathers and husbands.

3. Look at how a godly woman is described in Proverbs 31

a) She is trustworthy vs. 11-12

b) She is productive vs. 13-14

c) She cares for her family vs.15.

d) She is an entrepreneur vs. 16-19,24.

e) She was able to do all this because she has her priorities right.

f) Look at the result

(1) Vs10. she is invaluable.

(2) She is honored and respected by her family vs.28.

(3) She is recognized by her community vs.31.

D. So what is a mother to do today?

1. I want to look at a passage in Titus 2 that will address this question for us.

2. These verses are specifically addressed to older women in the church.

3. However there is a pattern here that ultimately applies to all women.

E. I want to look at two aspects of motherhood

1. Proper behavior

2. Proper prespective

II. Proper behavior vs. 3

A. Behavior = conduct.

1. the word encompasses all aspects of behavior.

2. It has to do with lifestyle.

B. Reverent – from two words

1. Holy - about things concerning God.

2. To be conspicuous.

3. To stand out.

4. Women are to standout in holiness with regard to their behavior. They are to live a lifestyle that reflects their position.

C. Three aspects of conduct

1. Not malicious gossips

a) One word

b) Slanderers

(1) A false accuser – some one who verbally assaults some one with false statements or half truths. Gossip.

(2) This word is translated devil elsewhere.

2. Not addicted to wine

a) Lit. – enslaved

b) In the broad sense it refers to becoming addicted to any thing

(1) Alcohol

(2) Drugs

(3) Music

(4) Job

(5) Food.

(6) The philosophy of the world

3. Teachers of good things

4. Remember this – your conduct teaches.

a) When others see you behave in a certain way they are gathering information

b) Younger people always loot to older people for instruction.

c) They learn from us. From you.

D. Proper perspective

1. Encourage the younger women.

a) The idea here is that older women are to school or train younger women.

b) This is discipleship

(1) This is what makes families and churches strong.

(2) This is so important and yet so neglected.

(3) Older women are to be role models for younger women.

c) Your obligation to do this doesn’t end at a certain age. There is no retirement per say with regard to this.

d) You older women mothers and grandmothers have a wealth of information to share don’t keep it to yourself.

2. This training is mostly done by example.

a) By working side by side

b) Fellowshipping.

c) Seminars and conferences aren’t enough.

d) Younger women need older women who are godly and can demonstrate these characteristics.

e) They need to be taught the fundamentals of family living.

(1) Love of family

(2) Sensible = self-controlled

(3) Pure = morally upright

(4) Workers at home = making the home a priority not just a place to sack out.

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