Summary: Learning God’s will is difficult, but we can know certain things about His will for us.

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“God’s Will for Our Lives”


I don’t know about you, but I like doing puzzles. Crossword puzzles are always fun. I usually answer the five or six that I know and then retire and go to a new puzzle. Some people like those word search puzzles too, where you din a word in a group of letters. The new craze today is those sudouko puzzles, which are highly addictive. I as a kid loved the Highlight Magazine; they had puzzles in there where you searched for an object within a bigger picture. Puzzles are tough for me to figure out, but I enjoy doing them. I think that some people view the will of God kind of like doing one of those puzzles. Knowing God’s will for our lives is one of the toughest questions that we could possibly ask and is perhaps the question I get asked more than any other. A lot of times we are faced with difficult decisions and perhaps you sit at that point today. Perhaps your wondering what God’s will is for your career path; should you change jobs, should you quit your old job or should you retire. Perhaps you want to know God’s will for relationships that you may be. I know that when I was dating Stephanie the big question I was always asking was, is this God’s will for my life? Perhaps you are wondering what God’s will is for some other aspect of your life is.

We all are faced with decisions every day. You had to make a decision this morning as to which way you were going to come to church. You had to make a decision of what you are going to where, what you are going to eat and many are probably sitting here trying to make a decision as to what they are going to do for their lunch. Most of those decisions are not difficult decisions that you do not sweat over too much, things that you probably don’t decide on by prayer and fasting. The truth is there are bigger questions that we have to answer at certain occasions in our lives, when we want to know God’s will for our lives. Sometimes we may even wonder, does God really care about those decisions that we are making? When we are considering moving, changing jobs, or anything else in life, we may want to know if God really cares what we do and has a will for our lives. I want to know God’s purpose for my life and I want to know if God does have a plan and a purpose for my life how can I figure out and learn what plans God has for. Let me assure you this morning that God does care about those decisions that we are making in this life and has a plan for our lives.

The time I remember I most had to seek the will of God was when I was seventeen years old, I hadn’t been a Christian for very long, I heard many people at a summer camp I attended talking about full-time Christian ministry. I had friends that we going into full-time Christian ministry, but I sure didn’t think that was for me. I wasn’t a great public speaker, I was shy, I wasn’t too bright, my grades were not great, and I hadn’t been a Christian very long. I knew though it was something at least to consider. I wanted to just know what God’s will was for my life. I never heard a voice, saw a vision or anything peculiar, I simply felt a burden on my heart for lost souls that I sensed was God’s will for my life to do something about it. People that knew me in High school would still be shocked to know that I am in ministry. Yes, I had to give up my dreams of playing basketball at Duke University and then the millions the pros had to offer.

There are several hard things about God’s will. It’s hard to see some of the bad things that happen in this world as the will of God. A lot of times we place the blame on God for things that takes place and labels it under “God’s Will”. God allows some things that are not His will to take place. Secondly, it is hard for us to determine what the will of God is in our lives. The problem is that God isn’t going to chase us down and let us know what he wants us to do regarding every decision we must make. Let me assure you that God does have a will, a plan, and a purpose for every one of us. It’s not always easy to see, but I believe we can find and know the will of God for our lives.

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Ephrem Hagos

commented on Apr 25, 2013

Personally revealed knowledge of God, according to the Scriptures, precedes knowledge of his will.

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