Summary: Your role in the end time Church

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The Bible refers to the church as - bride of Christ?

How many of you believe that Christ could return for His church any day now?

What if Jesus would return for His church in seven days from now?

How would we as a church look?

First, let see

What is the church?

Is it an organization, yes but much more than an organization.

The church is:

• An organism (living breathing)

• The heartbeat of - family - The pulse that pumps the blood of Christ through the community

• It Proclaims - good news– gospel to – lost - Dying world

• Its A place of healing - restoration

• Also A Place of praise and worship

• Its The house of God for family - God

• The Church is Heavens embassy and you - Ambassador –called by Christ to represent His kingdom

• The church is the only Light that some people may ever see – so are you! –

So, How have our church (you and I) been representing God.

Scripture teaches that the church has many members

• Globally there are members in all denominations

How many of you would agree with me that the church (Body of Christ) has members in non-SDA churches too?

What is - Message of - Church?

• The SDA Church is a Christian Church and we have a

a message is to proclaim - the good news of the Gospel

a message of hope

We teach:

We are NOT saved by works but – by grace through faith and the 10 commandments is a guide to how a saved person should grow.

Rom 8:1-4

Eph 2:8-9

Even so, the 10 commandments is important to God

John 14:15, 19-21,23

1 John 5:3

John 15:10-14

1John 2:3-5

Matt 5:14-20 Go read the rest of the chapter at home

We teach:

• Our sin has separated us from God.

o Quote with me John 3:16

o Quote 1 John 1:9

o Read Rom 8:1

• Nothing can separate us from the love of God

• Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved

• Through, preaching and teaching The mission and vision of the church is to evangelize the world

• The major role of - church is to reflect “the light - Christ” in dark world. – We are called to spread the Good news of the Gospel

• The church is called to - proclaim the soon coming of our Lord

• Through witnessing and personal testimonies,

The, mission and - vision – of – church is to shine - light ON Jesus and to reflect the light on the family of God

• The goal – church is to - make disciples of all nations

What should the atmosphere in a church look like

The house of God is a place of reverence and respect.

the atmosphere in which we live out our service to the Lord.

The worship service

• We come to church to worship our Lord

• Is it a Worshipful Celebration!

• Would you agree with me that we come to church to seek the face of God? The church should be an environment reverence, respect and awe. Rev 4:8

• The attitude we should embody (Jesus Christ)

Who is the head of the church?

Jesus instructed peter to “feed my sheep”

Peter started the church movement when he preached and 3000 came to Christ

Jesus called Peter - a stone not a marshmallow, not a grain of sand but a pebble - chip off the old block which is Jesus Christ

On this rock (Christ) I will build my church – not on Peter

Who here believe that Christ Called Peter to build His church on – foundation of - Jesus Christ – rock of ages.

Jesus is the rock of my salvation

The church is built upon the love of Christ

The Remnant

What is the remnant? …….

Who is the remnant?

• We are the remnant – we are the end time church– the remnant.

• I believe - many people will come out of their churches and join us to form the last day - Church This church will be translated – Do you believe that?

• commandment keeping church – saved by Grace - Rev 14:12-20

• I believe the final church, will share one doctrine – what about you. (One Savior one God one Doctrine)

The pastor of the Church:

How can a pastor be qualified for ministry without prayers 1 tim 3:2-4

So, you don’t have to worry about the head of this church because The head of - Church is JC – walks among his churches. Rev 2

What does it mean to you to be a member of the remnant Church

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