Summary: To encourage believers to recognize their responsibilties


This question is taken from the last of the second part of the life of Moses. Moses’ life divides into three periods of forty years each. The first as the son of Pharaohs daughter, the second on the back side of the desert as a sheep-herder and the third as the delivery of Gods people from Egyptian bondage and as the leader of God’s people to the brink of the Promised Land.

It is while tending his father-in-laws sheep that God appeared to him and called him to the work he had been in preparation for eighty years. In response to God’s call Moses begin to make excuses but for each excuse he offered God had an answer. [God has the answer to all our excuses and questions if we will only turn to Him and trust Him.] One of the excuses Moses used is the people will not believe me nor harken to my voice. To which God asked WHAT IS THAT IN THINE HAND. Moses replied a rod then God said cast it on the ground and when he did it became a serpent. God then commanded Moses to take it by the tail.

It is that question God asked Moses I want us to consider in this chapter. Ever considered what you have in your hand. You may be like some and answer nothing but I beg you look closely though they may seem empty yet they are full. You may ask what are they full of and I answer many things of which I shall discuss in this chapter.

First there is the power of choice. This power is given each and every one and it is this power that makes us different from any other of God’s creation.

It is this choice that makes us a free moral agent. By being a free moral agent we have the power to between right and wrong. It is that power that creates a line God will not cross because He wants us to serve Him because we want to and love Him.

Few realize the power and importance of choice. Thus they fail to realize the many things that hinge here. Choice determines course and course determines consequence.

Hebrews 11:25 tells us Moses made a choice and gives us a glimpse of the consequence of that choice. It says Moses chose to suffer the affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. What makes Moses choice so important and vital is he was in line to be the next king of Egypt being the son of Pharoses daughter? Then because of that choice Moses became known as the friend of God and the only man God talked face to face with. Also because of his choice he is recorded in Hebrews chapter eleven as one of the heroes of faith.

Saul the first king of Israel made a choice for in I Samuel chapter fifteen he is commissioned by God to go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have spare them not but slay both man and woman infant and suckling ox and sheep camel and ass. [v.5] Then later in the chapter we find where he took Agag the king of the Amalekites alive and the best of the sheep and cattle. [V.8-9] we also read where he later told Samuel the prophet the people took the spoil to sacrifice unto the Lord. [v.21]. the point I make is Saul choose not to obey the voice of the Lord.

Remember Saul was chosen of God yet Saul chose not to obey God. Because of his choice he was rejected by God. The last we know of Saul he took his own life for when his need of God was greatest God couldn’t be found. Listen to his remorseful lament to Samuel GOD IS DEPARTED FROM ME AND ANSWERETH ME NO MORE NEITHER BY PROPHETS NOR BY DREAMS. I Samuel 28:15

You can choose not to obey God but remember when you do and when your need of God is greatest He may not be there to help you. In fact Proverbs 1:26 tells us He may laugh at your calamity and mock when fear comes.

Of the choices me make let me mention a few.


We choose the kind of education we receive thus we are in part the result of the education we choose.

Education is important for two reasons. One socially as a good education will help us socially as we live in an educated society. Second spiritually as most men and women that have amounted to anything for God have been men and women who were educated. Therefore parents we should encourage ye make our children go to school and study so they can be somebody for God.

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