Summary: Many times, the Gospel, or the word Gospel has been used as a standard of truth.

If a church is a bible preaching you would expect them to preach “the Gospel”. The Gospel is what will save your soul, make you a child of God.

There are many things being substituted today for the preaching of the Gospel

1. Drama plays

2. Secular activities

You have a God-given right to hear the Gospel. It’s God’s chosen method to get you ready for Heaven. It ought to be easy for people to understand. Simply stated, “the Gospel” is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, according to the scriptures. Simple to understand and relate to.

Using an acrostic with the Gospel, let’s see what the Gospel really is.

I. G

1. The “G” could stand for “Good news” Luke 2:10

a. The good news is “you can be saved today”

b. Your life can be different today:

1) 1 Timothy 1:15

2) 2 Corinthians 5:17

c. Heaven can be your home; you do not need to die, spend an eternity in a Devil’s hell.

d. Luke 2:10; Good news

2. The “G” could be for “It’s a Gospel of Grace”

a. Ephesians 2:8-9

b. Titus 2:11

c. No way you and I could earn or merit the saving of our souls.

d. Grace means: God doing for men what man cannot do for himself.

3. Many ways the bible explains God’s grace to man:

a. God’s riches at Christ’s Expense

4. John 4

a. Jesus did not quiz the sinful woman about her past.

5. John 3

a. God saved Nicodemus

b. He was as religious as any man could be, yet his need was to be born again.

6. Luke 19

a. Zacchaeus, crooked politicians

b. Saved by grace

7. If salvation is by grace than it:

a. Includes all I need to be saved.

b. Equalizes all who receive it.

c. Excludes, which takes us to the “O” of Gospel.


1. The “O” can mean Only one gospel

2. Galatians 1:7-9

3. It’s the gospel of Christ.

4. No other Man, no other way.

a. John 14:6

b. 1 Timothy 2:4-5

c. Acts 4:12

5. God has only one bible

a. Only one message

b. Jesus saves.

6. Revelation 22:18-19

a. God gives the warning about adding to or taking away from His word.

7. It’s God’s gospel that is to be preached.

a. 1 Corinthians 1:21


1. The “S” would be salvation

2. Romans 1:16

3. The Gospel means salvation form sin. It’s power and it’s penalty. 2 Timothy 1:12

4. Romans 10:9-13

5. Romans 5:12

6. Romans 6:11-13

7. Could I say, “No preaching of the Gospel, no salvation”

8. Let’s say the positive way, the preaching of the Gospel, brings salvation!

a. Acts 8:29-37

b. Acts 2:21-24


1. the “P” is about a “person”

2. romans 1:16

3. Mark 1:1

4. If you minus this person “Jesus” out of the gospel you have no Gospel.

a. You have no message

b. You have no hope

5. Romans 8:32

6. 2 Corinthians 5:21

7. John 6:36-37

8. Only this person can bring peace

a. Romans 10:15

b. Preach the Gospel

9. No lasting peace; If you minus Jesus the person of the Gospel.

a. Isaiah 57:20-21

10. Philippians 4:5-7

11. Isaiah 26:3

12. Psalm 37:11

V. E

1. The “E” would be an “Everlasting” gospel.

2. 1 Peter 1:18-25

3. The only type, or kind of salvation this preaching of the Gospel brings is an eternal, everlasting, salvation.

4. 1 John 5:11-13

5. John 3:15-16

6. John 10:10, 27-30

7. What about if I sin, backslide?

a. Hebrews 12:5-8


1. the letter “L” is a Gospel of “Love”

2. John 3:16

3. God loves you.

a. You cannot escape the love of God.

4. Only reason you can’t be saved.

a. You will not come to Him.

b. Will you be saved today?

5. The Gospel is: Good news, by grace, only one way to be saved, gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Gospel is about a person Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on the cross. Ye it is eternal, all based on the love of God.

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