Summary: This sermon and others in the series talks about what priority the Kingdom of God should have in every believer’s life.

Advancing the Kingdom of God Series

“What is the Kingdom?”

(Various Scripture)



1. What priority does the Kingdom have?

a. First

b. None because the Kingdom is future

c. Some

d. Equal to gospel of Christ in preaching priority

Not here to make you cry or give you a tear jerking story but what I want to do is stretch your brain and make it hurt

See God’s priority when it comes to the Kingdom of God

Can someone stand for me and quote Matt 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God…”

Maslow did a thing called Hierarchy of needs…and number one was man’s survival need for food and shelter

Jesus told the disciples I don’t want you to worry about what you will eat or what you will wear

but I want you to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteous…then all these, all needs, will be given to you

The Kingdom has a first priority

Let’s talk about answer “D” - Equal to gospel of Christ in preaching priority

When I was growing up, I wasn’t a church guy…I was a nominal Baptist…I went on Easter and Christmas an VBS sometimes

In other words…I didn’t go enough that it hurt me

I didn’t read the bible…I had the bible read to me by preachers…they told me what it said but now it’s different now

I want to know what the bible’s preachers were preaching

When I read now…I ask what did John Baptist go preaching…what did Paul go preaching…what did Jesus go preaching?

Everyone would say they all preached the gospel…

but no where did they preach the gospel without preaching the Kingdom of God

What am I saying?

I am saying that they went forth and preached the gospel, the good news but they also preached the Kingdom of God

They preached Jesus Christ and the gospel and the Kingdom of God

Matt 3:1-2, John the Baptist preached “Repent…WHY? The Kingdom of Heaven is near”

But then let’s just follow something…Take your bible and go to Matt 4:23, I just want to show you some things

Some are asking, Jimmy what are you saying?

What I am saying is that they went preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ…which we preach…

But they preached something in addition to that which somehow we have lost

They preached that when you come before God and say, I am helpless…I am hopeless to be in relationship with you

I am unclean…I am undone…I am stained without any hope of making any difference

I throw myself on the mercy seat of God…to make myself acceptable…

They didn’t just preach that but they also preached that through the gospel I want you to come into the Kingdom of God

Here’s Jesus in Matt 4:23 (read)….Now go with me to Acts 8:12

Here is what’s happening…

Until now, the gospel has been preached primarily to Jewish people…so you would think that would be Kingdom of God stuff

They were looking for the Messiah, He was going to set up His Kingdom

Here’s a situation now where the apostles have been left in Jerusalem but they’re the only ones left

And the persecution has been so great that God has forced the church to scatter

It’s almost like you hit a puddle of Mercury with a hammer and it spurts in all directions

He told em “I want you to go into all the world and preach the gospel” and they were on Hallelujah hill in Jerusalem and they weren’t going anywhere

Having great church services…people getting saved…our four and no more…

They were huddled up and calling signals but nobody ever went out to play

SO God turned a guy loose named Saul, and he made it so tough that they were scattered all over the world

Now they are not just preaching to Jews, but to strange groups of people, all nations, and tongue, and backgrounds

So here is PHILLIP, who is the only guy in the bible ever called an Evangelist, He is the only one

Look at Acts 8:12

He preached about the good news about the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ

Now let’s look at a guy named Paul…go with me to Acts 19:8

Who was the apostle, probably to the Jews…Peter

Who was the apostle then to the gentiles…Paul

Who are we….GENTILES…unless you are Jewish

Now if I were a gentile…here comes Paul…if Paul were here today…what would he preach

He would preach the good news…there is no other way to be saved but also…

Look at Acts 19:8, 9

But let’s go to the end of his life…Acts 28:30 & 31

He’s taking anybody that wants to visit him…He’s been put under house arrest…

They have allowed him to rent a house and anyone that wants to visit him can visit

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