Summary: Defining the physical act of Worship

Radical Worship


Worship is what we were created to do it is our response to God, worship is not a feeling I get when the music is good, worship is creations default setting,

Scripture says

Ps. 148:7-9 says the trees mountains and hills worship

Rev. 5:13 JOHN hears all creators in the earth worship Jesus

Angels worship, Even Demons worship in new testament

Luke 7: 36-40

It defies cultural norms

1. She was a woman

2. She had sin issues and was in the religious leader’s home

Here we find why Jesus was accepting the worship of this woman

a. She humbly knelt before Him

1. Kneeling represents His lordship

b. She cries real tears,

1. Tears represent repentance

c. She gives something that costs her,

1. alabaster box perfume, worth one years salary

d. Her glory is used as the lowest form of household rag

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