Summary: Paul tells the Philippians to shine like stars and his message is the same for us today. this is a brief inductive message

What it Takes to Be a Star

Philippians 2.12-18

November 23, 1997

Morning Service

1. Stars in people

A. Movie: C. Eastwood, J. Wayne, K. Costner, J. Roberts, Princess Diana

B. Music: G. Brooks, A. Grant, B. Joel

C. Sports: Basket - M. Jordan, Football - D. Marino, B. Favre, Hockey - Gretzgy, Baseball - Maddox, Alomar

Q - What does it take to be a star?

2. Definition of Star

A. Many Definitions: 6 Definitions with over 15 sub definitions, large subject matter

B. Most often reference: People who are in lime light, heavenly bodies in the sky

Q – What qualities do all stars have?

3. Quality of Stars

A. Visible: Stars can be seen from a distance, they are watched, they are recognized - looking at the stars at night with Abigail

B. Constant: Stay in one place, always in view when clouds are out of the way, burns always,

C. Brilliant: Brightness spans billions of miles, light is clear, the light is crisp

D. Powerful: Bring light and life, this world would no exist without the sun, it provides warmth and needed energy for the planet

4. Points in Scripture - Read Text

A. Work out your Salvation

1.) We are to focus our selves in service

2.) We are to focus ourselves on Christ

3.) We are to focus ourselves in love

4.) We are to focus ourselves in living

Illustration - Story of light in the port hole

B. Shine out the Light

1.) We are to shine with the Word of God

2.) We are to shine with the witness of Christ

3.) We are to shine with the wonder of love

Illustration – Boy shining out the light

C. Rejoice and be Glad

1.) We can rejoice when we live for God

2.) We can rejoice when we look forward to heaven

Q - What does it take to shine?

5. Being a person of God takes effort

A. Hard work

1.) You cannot be all that God wants you to be alone

2.) God will strengthen and guide you

3.) God wants the best for you

B. God’s help

1.) Times of service

2.) Times of study

3.) Times of growth

C. Self discipline – 7 keys to self discipline

1.) Start Small

2.) Be on time

3.) Do the hardest job first

4.) Organize your life

5.) Accept correction

6.) Practice self denial

7.) Welcome responsibility

Q – Do you want to shine for God or just go through life? Do you want to make a difference or just be different? Do you want to make something of yourself or just get by? The choice is yours

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