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Summary: Explanation and evaluation of Wicca in light of clear teaching of Scripture. Includes ways to witness to a Wiccan.

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What Jesus Would Say to a Wiccan

Revelation 2:6

Rev. Brian Bill


I talked to a PBC person a week ago who told me that she had a conversation with some people in the community about our sermon series. One person said something like this: “I don’t think your pastor should be speaking on other religions. That’s really none of his business.” I was happy to hear how the PBC member responded, “Actually it is his business because the Bible has a lot to say about this.”

Actually, I’ve done a lot of thinking about this and I think I do need to apologize…for not doing this series sooner!

Last week we tackled Islam because it’s almost always in the news and on our national and international radar. Our topic today, “What God Would Say to a Wiccan” has some national significance as well. Do you remember when a U.S. Senate candidate admitted that she had dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager? Have you heard that thanks to the Pagan Pride Project, pagan symbols are now allowed on tombstones of our U.S. soldiers who are Wiccan? Pastor Jeff passed along a story this week about some Wiccans in Cleveland who put a hex on LeBron James as he got ready to play his first game with the Miami Heat. This is what they chanted live on a radio station: “Tie a knot against the king. May he die without a ring.”

But my choice of this topic is closer to home because of the inroads of Wicca in our county, our community, in our schools and in our homes. I came across a book title written by a former youth pastor that shows how this belief has gone main stream among teens today. One could make the case that this generation is the first to grow up with witchcraft as an accepted part of the culture. His book is called: Generation Hex.

In 2006, researcher George Barna came out with the top 12 most significant or surprising faith findings for that year. Coming in second was this report: “Three out of every four teenagers have engaged in at least one type of psychic or witchcraft-related activity. Among the most common of those endeavors are using a Ouija board, reading books about witchcraft or Wicca, playing games involving sorcery or witchcraft…Conversely, during the past year fewer than three out of every ten churched teenagers had received any teaching from their church about elements of the supernatural” (www.barna.org).

I was told this week by one of my Wiccan friends that when he holds classes on Wicca here in Pontiac, many of those who come are members of area churches, including this one. When I asked him why this is, he said something like this: “They’re obviously not getting what they’re looking for in churches or they wouldn’t be coming to my classes.” I could only think of one response. All I could say was, “Ouch.”

I repeat what I said last week. Parents and grandparents, this series is really important because our children and grandchildren are growing up in a totally tolerant and accepting postmodern atmosphere, with no regard for what is true or what is false. In fact, we could say that our culture is tolerant of everything except for the exclusive truth claims of Christianity. Our children must hear biblical truth from our church and from the church that meets in our homes.

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