Summary: In Christianity there are all kinds of people who have a reason they are in the Church. The message centers on 4 types of Christians in which people can identify with. What Kind are you? Take time to add scripture.

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What Kind of Christian Are You?

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. In this article I would like to address and discuss the citizens we find in Christendom. Christendom has all kinds of people who believe for one reason or another. Today I want to talk about the 4 types of people inhabiting Christendom. You probably know them and I can only pray that you are the latter.

People are Christians or participate in Christianity because they fit in one of these Categories:

1) For Social Reasons. People are not always tolerated or accepted in certain groups. Some people are considered outcast and unliked by the world. They exhibit certain traits that normal people have either written them off or dislike them. They have found in Christianity a people who are willing to tolerate them, work with them and even accept them. While they themselves have not accepted Christ personally, they like Christianity because it gives them some kind of social life. These people usually go from church to church or event to event trying to accumulate as many friends or acquaintances to feel socially accepted. They do not like to be held accountable to their walk in Christ. Since they are really not in it for the walk only the friendship they barely come to experience true salvation. Some even join a Church to find a spouse or companion. When they find a good man or woman their spouses are shocked to later find out that they do not know who they married but it sure was not a Christian. These people burn a lot of bridges. While there are some who do come to Christ, it is not until they learn that Christianity goes beyond just having friends.

2) For Moral Reasons. Christianity offers the most moral and ethical outlooks to life. It teaches not to steal, kill or commit adultery. While other religions may have some of the same values Christianity is the most widely accepted. It is a great way and place to raise a family and teach them some form of ethics and morals. While people do not look to live at a higher standard, people find that Christianity helps them feel like they are in a higher standard. It offers some form of family and personal security to know that they have some kind of grounding for themselves and family, morally and ethically. While they themselves have never felt a deep sense of conviction the striving to be moral is intellectually right rather than spiritually right. Just the fact that they attend a Church and attend special events like Christmas and Easter is enough to satisfy their Christianity label.

3) For Traditional Reasons. People are in Christianity because their grandfather was, their father was and now they are. Their family have attended the same church for many years and Christianity is a the traditional religion for their family. They feel that going to church is just what they do because it is traditional. Kind of like getting together for Thanksgiving Dinner. Even though there are family you do not like you just do it because it's thanksgiving and that is tradition. They raise their family in the Church because the torch must be passed. Again no true personal commitment has ever been made and the thoughts of those who are in Christianity is entitlement. They feel they are saved because they have always been Christians.

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