Summary: In God’s toolbox what tool are you?

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What tool are you in God’s toolbox?

Luke 12: 35 Be ready, dressed as for a journey, with your lights burning.

Goodmorening everyone. Today I want to talk about tools. Now that I just got all the mens attention, what are some of the most memorable tools you have or had. Hammers, pliers, punches, wrenches , sockets,and screwdrivers. These are all great tools . With these tools men and women have built this country , this nation of ours . With these tools we have built so many wonders of our world. The Kentucky lake and Barkley lake were man made. The great pyramids were man made. The London bridge and Brook land bridge were man made. All these great wonders man made them with tools. Tools are things that help us create and finish a task .Can we do the task without a specific tool , yes it may take longer or like some of us we will “improvise” if possible. Yeah the flat tip screwdriver makes an excellent chisel or paint can opener. But each tool does have an intended purposes.

Each tool is designed to do a certain task and do it well. A chisel works a lot better than that screwdriver , and a hammer works a lot better that that pair of pliers to hammer a nail in.

Just as we have gifts given to us when we come to Christ and ask for Him to be our salvation we are given spiritual gifts. These gifts are to be used for the glory of God. .

For those who have the gift of teaching then they would be best suited for teaching a Sunday school class or an adult class. For those with the gift of interceser then they are best suited for prayer services and praying for others. These gifts God gives us makes us into tools He can use . We become tools for our Father

to use . Some of us become like a hammer , some like a screwdriver and so on.

Just as we are new Christians we are now newly formed tools but we are still in the ruff. We are not polished and honed . We are not yet ready to be used, we are like just out of the casting blocks, we know what we are to be but were just not there yet. When we mature as a follower of Christ and are polished , honed, and ready , Father does use us. He uses us to glorify Him. He uses us to do many things like build an ark, lead people out of Egypt, and missionaries in South America leading people to Christ. Father uses us just like we use our tools . Do we in the process of getting used get dull or sometimes broken , yes . As we work in this world for Christ and do the will of God we get tired , and we need replenishing. Just as a tool gets dull or chipped we resharpen it or re polish it or fix it . When we do this it is so we can use that tool again. Some tools we never use but we check to make sure it is ready to be used ,like that chainsaw or the lawnmower . These we use only a few months out of the year but during the months we don’t use it we check it to make sure it will be ready for when we will need it.

Father also checks us when we are not being used we are being made ready , we are being replenished , resharpened , and restored to be used when He needs us. Now has anyone of us , talking to the guys here, broken a tool?

What did you do with that tool? If it was one that meant a lot to you , you either replaced it or kept it around , never new what exactly to do with it. I had a socket wrench that broke on me . It was my first wrench and my most used . I just couldn’t bring myself to throwing it away I bought another wrench to replace it but I still kept that wrench.

As time goes on we brake, some of us have been worn down and resharpened over and over again in our lives . Some of us a lot more than others. Eventually some of us break . We feel as thought we are broken with God. These usually leave the church and don’t come back to another church. They stay home and live out there life without a church family , any support , and feel as though God why did this have to happen to me. They are broke. Guess what Father still keeps them . Oh they may not be the ones He is using the most right now and they may not be the ones He is reconditioning ,resharpening right now but they are still in His tool box. He is just waiting for them to step up and ask to be used again.

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