Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We will look at how to become a good minister of God’s Word

I Timothy 4:1-16

Becoming a good minister of the Word


What make a good minister of the Word? (run with that Idea)

I hope you have let God Shape you into what He wants.

3 requirements for making of a young ministers of the Word

1. Preaching the Word (1-6)

2. Practicing the Word (7-12)

3. Progressing in the Word (13-16)

I. Preaching the Word (1-6)


Negative examples:

1. If you notice in vs. 1 deceiving spirit = demons – this is the only place in the pastoral epistles that mentions demons

2. They have no conscience

3. Tell you one thing and they do another

Positive side

1. Everything God created is good (vs. 4)

2. Paul tells Timothy to point out these inconsistencies (vs. 6)


Too many hypocrites, many examples that I could say.

Preach the WORD, Don’t strain from it

Be willing to confront another person


II. Practicing the Word (7-12)


Paul begins again with the negative

1. Godless myths – false teaching

2. Old wives tales – false tradition

Now to the positive side

1. Paul again talks about physical training – however; Paul points out that spiritual training is more important

2. Paul tells timothy not to let anyone look down on him


Don’t be involved in myths and tales, be willing to go against them

VS 12 says it better then I could


My physical training for CC and what has last (spiritual)

III. Progressing in the Word (13-16)


And one more time the negative side:

1. Do not neglect your gifts

2. These were given to you through a prophetic vision

Positive side of this:

1. Paul wants Timothy give himself wholly to the people

2. Paul tells timothy to let everyone see his progress


1. Be willing to go that extra mile and be wholly devoted to the people

2. People will notice the effort that you make


My Dad and willing to be give himself wholly to the people that he serves


This road that we are about to is definitely scary, there are many possibilities to go wrong

We don’t want that.

We need to

Preach the Word

Practice the Word

Progress in the Word

This will not be an overnight success

Many Hardships will occur


We all look up to Billy Graham. We think that he was the best ever.

However, he did not start that way. It took time.

Being willing to work at what God has called you to do!

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