Summary: What do measure to determine whether a church is a stong church or not. There are (3) three things that the Bible uses to determine a Strong Church.

Introduction: What determines a strong Church? Is it:

1.) The number of programs or ministries?

2.) How smooth it operates with its committees?

3.) The financial stability that it may have?

**Most churches have these, but that does not make a strong church.

**Let’s see if you belong to a Strong Church:

I. A BODY WITH UNITY: 1st Corinthians 12:27

a.) You can have a body, but not have unity. (1st Cor. 12:14-21)

*Unity is a must in the body if it is going to be strong. (I did not say uniformity)

b.) The Body of Christ has many members..but not all have the same function. V.14

c.) Every member must appreciate the function of other Body members. Verse 20-22

d.) A strong body is one where every member is doing its part. So is the Church. (Are we a strong church?) Is every member of this Body of Christ doing his or her part?

Illust.....A stroke victim. A blood clot...results in parts of the body not working properly.

II. A FAMILY WITH CHARITY: Ephesians 3:13-15

**Charity is love in action.

a.) We are Family Of God. God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus is our Older Brother. We are God’s Children.

*We were changed from being His Creation to being His Children.

b.) We can be in the family and not have a Loving Family.

**I know some families that are war zones. So are many churches. So Just being in the family does not guarantee a strong family.

c.) We are taught by God to Love one another. (1st Thess. 4:9)

*A Strong Church Family is one where there is :

1.) Concern for one another.

2.) Caring for one another.

3.) Loving one another.


a.) Nothing more beautiful than a Bride on her wedding day. Adorned in her white gown of purity.

*We are the Bride of Christ and we are adorned in the righteousness of Christ by His Blood. (Romans 5:19)

b.) We are to live like the waiting Bride for her Groom. We are to maintain Godly living...right living. (1st Timothy 6:11)


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