Summary: God has blessed America and it is good to celebrate His Goodness

This sermon is from Preach through the year #2


a. God has blessed America

1. Fitting to celebtate His Goodness to us

2. The bounty we sa\hare in this good land

b. Freedom is one of our great blessings

1. Political freedom

2. Personal freedom

c. What makes us free?


a. The scripture makes us free (John 8:32)

1. "The truth will set you free"

a. a well-known quote that few know is from the bible

b. The words of Jesus

2. This has always been true politically

3. Study the Bible and maps

4. The time table of God in the founding of America

a. Columbus: 1492

b. Invention of the printing press 1450’s

c. Birth of Luther 1483

5. The scripture in print and the Reformation brought about persecution

6. American provided a place for people to flee

a. they came for freedom of teaching of the bibical truths

b. they came to found a nation based on bibical principles

B. The Savior makes us Free(John 8:36)

1. " If the Son shall make you free"

2. Freedom flows from the written Word and the Living word

3. From inspiration to authority

4. Christ sets people free:

1. Nicodemus

2. Zacchaeus

3. Samariatian Woman at the well

5. Our political freedom is from God

6. Spiritual freedom can be ours through faith in Christ

C. The Spirit makes us free (2 Cor. 3:17)

1. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty"

2. man has searched for God through religious ceremony but Christ came and gave us the holy Spirit.

3. We must guard against legalism and allow the fruit of the spirit to demonstrate our freedom.


A. How free are are you?

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