Summary: This message is about the importance of baptism and its symbolic references back to Noah and the flood.

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What Must I Do?


1981- car robbery in California

God is chasing me

He wants to save us

You must respond to Him

God has a plan for how this works

1 Pet. 3:21

Noah was man’s first savior

He was a type of Christ

Jesus is the ultimate Savior- Jn. 14:6

What must I do?

Question asked 3 times in Acts

Acts 2:37, 38

Receive forgiveness & HS

What separates us from God?


Acts 9:5, 6, 18

Saul is told what to do now

He believes & was repentant

Now he must be baptized

Acts 16:29-34

Jailer wasn’t a believer

Start there

Immediately led to repentance & baptism

3 different answers to the same question


People are at different places in life

2 Co. 6:2; Ac. 4:12; Ro. 6:3-4

Waters of baptism- 1 Pet. 3:21

Not the water, (holy water)

It’s an appeal to God

It is when salvation is effected

It is our unreserved dedication to God

Lord & Savior

Not just Savior

What must I do?

You must do the part you’re ready for

Belief, repentance, confession, baptism

1830- George Wilson

God has offered us pardon through His Son

Will you accept it or not?

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