Summary: Paul never boasted , but in the Cross.

“What Paul believed about the Cross” . 14May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whichB the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Galatians 6:14

1. Note according J.C. Ryle, Paul never boasted in national privileges

• He was a Jew by birth, and, as he tells us himself, "A Hebrew of the Hebrews."

• He might have said, "I have Abraham for my forefather I am not a dark unenlightened heathen;

• I am one of the favored people of God—

• I have been admitted into covenant with God by circumcision. I am a far better man than the ignorant Gentiles." But he never said so. He never boasted in anything of this kind.

2. Secondly Paul never boasted in his own works.

• None ever worked so hard for God as he did. He was "more abundant in labors" than any of the apostles. (2 Cor. 11:23.)

• No man ever preached so much, traveled so much, and endured so many hardships for Christ

• No he never boasted in the many souls converted

• No Father of the early Church, no Reformer, no Puritan, no Missionary, no minister, no layman—no one man could ever be named, who did so many good works as the Apostle Paul. But did he ever boast in them, as if they could save his soul? Never! Never for one moment!

3. Paul never boasted in his knowledge.

• He was a man of great gifts, and, after he was converted, the Holy Spirit gave him greater gifts still.

• He was a mighty preacher, and a mighty speaker, and a great writer. He knew many deep things. He had been in the third heaven, and "heard unspeakable words." (2 Cor. 12:4.)

• He had received the spirit of prophecy, and could foretell things yet to come. But did he ever boast in his knowledge, as if it could justify him before God? Never—never!

4. This is what Paul believed: and what Paul boasted about “The Cross”

• The doctrine that Christ died for sinners upon the cross—"He simply meant, "I boast in nothing but Christ crucified, as the salvation of my soul."

• Paul loved to preach about the cross “He believed it was the power of God for salvation”

• Cudworth. 1613.wrote “In Christ's humiliation stands our exaltation; in His weakness stands our strength; in His humiliation our glory; in His death our life."—

• This is the subject he loved to dwell upon when he wrote to believers.

5. Paul believed without the Cross we would not know Gods love: John 3:16

Paul believed without the cross we would not know the length and width of Gods love towards the sinful world

6. Paul believed that the cross motivated him He bore my sins in His own body on the tree, "that I being dead unto sin should live unto righteousness." (1 Pet. 2:24.)

• Paul believed The cross is the strength of a minister. Mc Ryle writes “Let others, if they will, preach the law and morality; let others hold forth the terrors of hell, and the joys of heaven; let others drench their congregations with teachings about the sacraments and the church; give me the cross of Christ! This is the only lever which has ever turned the world upside down hitherto, and made people forsake their sins. And if this will not, nothing will. A man may begin preaching with a perfect knowledge of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew; but he will do little or no good among his hearers unless he knows something of the cross. Never was there a minister who did much for the conversion of souls who did not dwell much on Christ crucified. Luther, Rutherford, Whitefield, M'Cheyne, were all most eminently preachers of the cross. This is the preaching that the Holy Spirit delights to bless. He loves to honor those who honor the cross. Honor the Cross the cross give us resurrection !

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