Summary: God empowered the church greatly on the day of Pentecost.

What Really Happened At Pentecost?

(Acts 2:1-4)

I. The Power Of God Was Released

A. A Sure Agreement (v. 1)

1. Notice that God has to first have something worth working with.

2. God will not work with a group of back-biting, self-centered, arguing, ill-tempered Christians.

3. Learn to agree together so you can learn to agree with God.

B. A Sudden Arrival (v. 2)

1. When God saw they were ready, He sent them the Helper.

2. The Holy Spirit will not become real in your life just because you ¡§think¡¨ you are ready. When you are right with God and seeking His face, then He will make Himself real to you.

C. A Special Ability (v. 3)

1. This ¡§power from on high¡¨ is the Holy Spirit of God equipping the saints to do what they could never do alone.

2. You will never accomplish on your own what God can accomplish together with you.

II. The People Of God Were Revived

A. They Were Silent (v. 4).

1. When you don¡¦t know what to do, don¡¦t just do to be doing.

2. When you don¡¦t know what to say, don¡¦t just say to be saying.

3. Wait on God. Remember the old saying, ¡§It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one¡¦s mouth and remove all doubt.¡¨

B. They Went Speaking (v. 4-13).

1. Tongues= glossa, Gr. meaning a language

2. The often missed point here is that God made salvation readily available and accessible to anyone who would listen. Nobody was to be left out that day. Nobody is left out today. God wants everybody to be saved!

III. The Purpose Of God Was Realized

A. By Prophecy (v. 14-21)

1. Prophecy is God telling history in advance (v. 14-16).

2. Prophecy enlivens us with the urgency of the last days (v. 17-20).

3. Prophecy encourages us that, even in the greatest of tribulations, God¡¦s purpose is still to save those who will call on Him (v. 21).

B. Through Preaching (v. 22-36)

1. God approved Jesus (v. 22).

2. God accepted Jesus¡¦ crucifixion (v. 23).

3. God ascended/resurrected Jesus

(v. 24, 32).

4. God acknowledged Jesus (v. 36).

a. As ruler, ¡§Lord¡¨

b. As redeemer, ¡§Christ¡¨

C. By Proof (v. 37-47)

1. Conviction (v. 37)

2. Conversion (v. 38-41)

3. Continuance (v. 42-47)

a. In learning (v. 42)

b. In fellowship (v. 46)

c. In harvest (v. 47)


¡§So what does this have to do with me?¡¨, you may be thinking. Simply this. There is no Biblical reason that the results, of Pentecost cannot be repeated today.

„h God¡¦s power hasn¡¦t changed.

„h God¡¦s people haven¡¦t changed.

„h God¡¦s purpose hasn¡¦t changed.

Seize the power! Surrender to God! Serve His purpose!

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