Summary: Exploring the benefits of Jesus’ Resurrection

What’s in it for me? – 1Tim.4:8

Resurrection Sunday 27th Mar ‘05

There’s something in this (Christianity) for me – Lk.22:35; Phil.3:1ff.

I’m not in this “Christianity” thing for nothing – Mk.10:28ff.

Jesus didn’t come to planet earth for religion – 2Tim.3:5.

He came that man would have a relationship with God through His death and resurrection – Jn.4:24; 14:6,20ff.

If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead then there’s nothing in this for me. We must therefore establish first that He rose from the dead.

1. The Scriptures said that He would – Ps.16:10; Acts.13

2. He said that He would – Matt.12:38ff; Jn.2:19.

 He is the truth – Jn.14:6

3. The state of the “tomb” – Jn.20:1ff; Lk.24:12; Mk.15:46.

 The tomb stone and the guards – Matt.27:62ff.

 The arrangement of the linen clothes – Jn.20

4. The historical account of the payment of the guards – Matt.28:11ff

5. His appearance to His disciples – Jn.20:19ff.

 They touched Him - Lk.24:36ff.

 He ate with them – Lk.24; Jn.20/21.

 The Apostle Paul’s account – 1Cor.15

6. The general evidence provided by creation – Jn.12:26ff; 1Cor.15

7. Our Supernatural Outreach to the world – Acts.1:8; Jn.7:37-39

His Death and Resurrection guarantees the following:

My Redemption – Col.1:12-14; Rom.5; Eph.1:3ff

 I’ve been purchased by God – 1 Pet.2:9ff

 My sins are forgiven.

 Sin can no longer reign over me – Rom.6:14

 Devil can no longer reign over me

 Darkness can no longer reign over me

 Disease can no longer reign over me

 Defeat can no longer reign over me

 Death can no longer reign over me

 Poverty can no longer reign over me

My Re-Creation – 2 Cor.5:16-17; Rom.6:4

 I am a New Creation with a new life

 Old things have passed away

 I am created in God’s own image – Eph.4:23-25

 I am God’s child

 I have Eternal life – 1 Jn.5:11ff

My Righteousness – 2 Cor.5:21; Rom.5:17

 I’ve been justified by God – Rom.8:1,31ff

 I can enter God’s presence freely without guilt or inferiority complex – Hebs.10:22ff

 I have rights in God’s kingdom – Matt.6:33; Rom.5/8

 I am no longer a sinner – 2 Cor.6:14ff

There’s definitely a lot in it for me.

 Jesus’ death and resurrection means I now have a new beginning and I’m free to reign in this life.

 Success is now possible because of the covenant relationship I now have with God Almighty

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