Summary: We live in a world of constant change, including trends in the types and style of clothing we wear. What is appropriate dress for a Christian? Hopefully, this lesson will answer that for us.

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A daily question (or at least a daily decision) most everyone asks (or makes) is - What shall I wear today?

For mankind, when answering this question certain considerations come into play:

1. What’s the occasion?

- work

- dinner with the family

- sporting event

- date

- the occasion’s are endless

2. What’s the style or current trend in


- would you wear bell bottoms today?

- a trend today is to wear baggy

pants, or even blue jeans with

holes in them!

- remember the time when baby boys

wore dresses?

3. What’s the custom?

- In many foreign counties it is the

custom for women to cover their

head and face.

- In some tribes found in remote

regions of the world, it is

customary for the people to go

with little or no clothing.

When Christians ask this question, the considerations mentioned above naturally come into play; however, for a Christian (man or women) the overriding consideration must be , “Is it modest and proper for those professing godliness?”

Foundational Text : 1 Timothy 2:9-10

With the overriding consideration for Christians being modestly and godliness, the challenge then becomes defining proper attire within the context of modesty and godliness.

Do the factors within society that define modesty change?

- at one time, it was immodest for a women

to expose her ankles!

- at one time, it was “ungodly” for a man to

come to church without a suit and tie (at

least within some congregations).

- at one time, it was improper for a women to

wear slacks to a worship service.

Do the factors within society that define modesty change? I think we have to answer yes?

So the question still remains, What Shall I Wear as a Christian without compromising modesty and godliness?

- Should a Christian woman wear shorts, mini-

skirts, low-cut blouses, tight skirts or


- What about dresses with the backs out or


- What about a man, should he be concerned

about modesty?

- What about certain activities? Mixed

swimming, cheerleaders, or other activities

that require a certain dress?

I have to admit, there is no easy, simple guideline such as “no higher than an inch above the knee” outlined in the Bible. It is an emotional and often controversial subject. However, I strongly believe the Bible provides basic principles that can help any Christian in any culture. If we apply these principles above all other considerations (the occasion, the current style or trend, and even the custom) we can dress in a consistent, modest manner which exhibits godliness and Christian values! Let’s see what the Bible has to say:

I. Understanding the Origin of Nakedness

Nakedness is defined as: completely unclothed; bare, uncovered; exposed said parts of the body.

Man’s awareness of nakedness began in the Garden of Eden (cf. Gen 3:6-7). Notice again from the text what Adam and Eve did after sinning: being aware of their nakedness, THEY made clothes with fig leaves - specifically “loin coverings!”

The Hebrew phrase from which we translate “loin coverings” is chagorah (hag-ore) meaning a garment which covers the mid-section.

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