Summary: There certain things we must possess if we as individuals and we as the body of Christ are going to be great kingdom people abd kingdom churches.

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“What Shall We Possess?”

Numbers 13 & 14

I. We Must Possess God’s Plan (13:1-2)

A. God’s Plan is Communicated (v. 1)

1. It is Communicated Through Prayer

2. It is Communicated Through His Word

B. God’s Plan Requires Leadership (v. 2c)

C. God’s Plan is a Sure Thing (v. 2b)

II. We Must Possess Obedience (13:17, 21-25)

A. We Must Go When God Says Go (v.17 & 21a)

1. Delay is Disobedience

2. Refusal is Rebellion

B. We Must Go As God Says Go (v. 21b-25)

1. As a Church We Are Given Specific Instructions (Matthew 28:19-20)

2. As a Church We Told Where to Go (Acts 1:8)

C. We Must Go Even When Man Says No

III. We Must Possess the Right Attitude (13:26 – 14:10)

A. There is the Example of the Wrong Attitude (13:26-29, 31-33)

B. There is the Result of the Wrong Attitude (14:1-4, 10)

1. It is Contagious

2. It Causes Strife

C. There is the Example of the Right Attitude (13:30 & 14:6-9)

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