Summary: Do not let the title of this sermon fool you! This sermon is not about the proper attire for church attendance, but rather what kind of "spiritual clothes" the Christian should wear at all times.

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What should Christians wear to worship?

This sermon is NOT about the proper attire for church attendance. God doesn’t care as much as man does about dress as long as it is modest and decent.

This sermon IS about what the Christ-centered life should look like, and not just at church, but at all times.

People do judge you by what you wear.

A young man came into our worship service a few weeks ago. He was wearing lots of leather and chains. His hair was spiked blue. He wore black eye liner and had a ring in his lip. I could tell what lots of people were thinking when he strolled down the aisle and sat up front. They were thinking this kid must be a rebellious teenager who is probably hooked on alcohol and drugs. He probably has a criminal record and uses filthy language. Little did we know, he was in costume. The guest speaker that day had him come in dressed that way to go along with the sermon on showing favortism. It may be sad, it may be wrong, but people do judge you on the way you dress.

God judges you on the way you dress spiritually. He will judge us based on the kind of "spiritual clothes" we are wearing. Are we wearing sexual immorality, impurity, rage, anger, filthy language? or are we wearing love, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

Colossians 3:1-17 gives us some real sound advice on "spiritual dress."

A) Worship is a lifestyle, not a one hour event. (vs. 1-4)

Paul says that if you are a Christian you have been raised with Christ.(v. 1)

If you are a Christian, then a lifestyle of worship is the standard:

(v. 1) It requires your heart. Your heart should be

near the throne of God where Jesus is seated.

(v. 2) It requires your mind. We are to set our

minds on the things of above.

(v. 3) It requires our lives. Christ is to be our

life. He is to be everything to us.

How do you know if Christ is your life?

Where do you spend your time? money? passion?

Jesus said love the Lord with everything.

B) What NOT to wear to worship. (v. 5-11)

Paul says- here are some things you are not to wear as a Christian. You are to put them to death when you are baptized into Christ:

Sexual immorality- Adultery, sexual lust, perversion.

Impurity- Impure thoughts and actions that are sinful.

Lust- An out of control appetite for worldly things.

Evil Desires- things you know are wrong but you want.

Greed- It is idolatry because you worship it, not God.

These things bring about the wrath of God. They will send you to hell if you live in them and continue to wear them as clothes.

These are the clothes you wore before you became a Christian. But when you become a Christian you must get rid of them and put on new clothes.

Paul continues with more clothes you must get rid of.

He gives a list of things that I think progressively take you farther away from God and others. Let me illustrate it through a scenario-

Anger- someone at church makes you mad.

Rage- you are so mad you can’t stand being around

them. You feel sick when they are around. You

know you should go make it right with them,

but you are just too mad.

Malice- Now not only are you mad at them, but you

really want to see something bad happen to


Slander- Since nothing bad is happening to them, you

will help the process out a little by talking

badly about them to others.

Filthy language/Lying- your out of control tongue

leads to other things besides slander. Nasty

words and deception.

Paul says these things need to die when you are immersed into Christ. Your life is not to be marked by them. Take those clothes off and put on new ones.

C) What to wear to worship. (v. 12-14)

When you become a Christian, everything changes.

The old man dies in baptism, and a new creature is born.

You take off the old clothes and put on new ones.

This changing of clothes is a lifelong process it doesnt just happen instantly.

Paul tells us we are holy. We are set apart for God’s use.

Paul tells us we are dearly loved. God’s love can transform us if we will let it.

We are to clothe ourselves with:

Compassion- Requires action. Comnpassion without

action is just pity.

Kindness- The world can be mean. People need kindness.

Humility- We realize who we are compared to Christ.

Gentleness- We have a soft heart of Jesus for others.

Patience- We don’t expect perfection out of others.

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