Summary: So, let us examine ourselves, you and me. What is our level of devotion? How determined are we?” Can we honestly say, “My meat is to do the will of our Heavenly Father and to finish His work that He has sent us to do?

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What sustains, Drives, & Energizes

JOHN 4:34

A man is asleep in his house getting a good nights rest. Outside in the driveway this man has a car. That car has four wheels with tires on them. What holds those tires up. What sustains them, keeps them in working order? Air. Air holds them up, keeps them working right. Sustaining.

Under that hood is a motor. If there’s no gas for the motor that motor won’t run a lick. With that gas in there for that motor it can drive that car on down the road. Drive.

The morning comes . That man wakes up. He comes in to the kitchen , sits down at the table to a well balanced, nutritious, energizing breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Feed the body. Creates chemical reactions in the brain, the muscles of the body. That food energizes the body. It gives the body energy to face the day ahead. Energize.

What can we gather from this statement Jesus made? Yes He said some things before He made this statement and He went on to say some others. But what can we glean from this one statement He made right here in the middle of many?

(I) Devotion.

Jesus also said, Where a man’s treasure is that’s where his heart will be. Here He said," My meat is to do the will of Him that sent Me". My meat is My food. What sustains Me, keeps Me going. It drives me.

The mission set before me. My love for my Father, passionate zeal to do His will. It’s what energizes Me. Because I know He loves and honors devotion.

(II) Determination.

And to finish his work. Can’t you just feel the determination here. I will do His will and will finish His work. I believe with all my heart when Jesus Christ, the Son of Almighty God came up out of those baptismal waters in the Jordan river He set His eyes like a flint to Calvary. He never wavered to the left nor to the right. When He got there He laid His life down on that old rugged cross and allowed them to drive those three rusty nails in His hands and feet. Then they raised Him up in the air and dropped that old cross down in that hole and for hour after lonely hour He hung there. Suffering in great pain and agony. The Bible says He wasn’t even recognizable as a man. Then hanging there between two thieves in His last moment with His last breath He could muster up He spoke it. "It Is Finished" “Tetellesti”. Paid in full. It is done. Then He descended into the deepest, darkest pits of Hell to set the captives free and take on Satan himself. Then came back. Rose up from the dead. Walked out of that cold dark tomb victorious over death, hell, and the grave.

He finished His Father’s work. In this same conversation He goes on to say to His disciples, as He says to you and me, "Lift up your eyes, look on the fields. For they are white already for the harvest". As you and I go out into the fields let’s watch our diets. Let’s dine with God. Let’s indulge in our devotion to doing His work, in will. This is what will sustain us. Makes life worth living. This is where we get our energy. We’re gonna need our energy when we’re determined to finish His work He has set before us which is the drive down deep within our souls.

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