Summary: This message deals with various aspects of the mission of the church

What The Bible Says About The Church’s Mission


1.) The mission of the Church is two-fold:

A.) The Church has the mission of teaching all men about Christ.

aa.) Matt. 28:19

aa-1.) (To bring to a saving faith, baptism, and continued faith in Christ.)

B.) The Church also has the mission of building these individuals up to maturity in Christ.

C.) Any program, money spent, etc. must first examine these two goals.

ca.) The mission of the Church is to evangelize all the world.


1.) The most common term for evangelism is mission.

A.) The Dictionary defines mission “as the act of sending or the state of being sent, with certain powers, to do some special service; a calling, especially to preach and spread religion.”


1.) By its very nature Christianity is missionary in focus.

A.) At times, people will ask why send missionaries to otther lands, as they already have their own religions?

B.) Would it not be better to leave them alone, and not confuse them with other beliefs?

ba.) The argument will also be given that it takes thousands of dollars to send the missionaries overseas. Some would suggest that perhaps the money could be better spent at home.

C.) The answer to this question is that the Church needs to send missionaries because Scripture states: "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

ca.) Scripture also declares: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name given to men by which we must be saved.”

2.) If in fact Jesus is the only way of salvation, then the reality is that Christianity is the only true and authentic religion of the entire world..

A.) There are hundreds or even thousands of religions across this planet. aa.) If the claims of Jesus Christ claims as the only source of salvation are correct, than to follow any world leader or religion other than Jesus Christ will leave us less than prepared for eternity when this life is ended.

ab.) To follow any other than Christ, will therefore leave such a person bankrupt of the blessings of God for eternity.

3.) The early church’s preaching that Jesus Christ was the onlyway of salvation made the church unpopular in the first century world.

A.) In the Roman Empire the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation brought great persecution to those who would exclusively follow and serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. ab.) Had Christianity been willing to be just another religion it would have been more acceptable.

B.) The claims of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation meant Christians could not be satisfied to be merely one of many world religions.

ba.) Disciples of Jesus Christ have always claimed that Christianity is the only true religon.

ba-1.) I Cor. 8:4b-6 (discourse in the middle of food sacrificed to false idols)

ba-2.) Acts 4:12

4.) Christianity is missionary-oriented because of the need to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

A.) If the Gospel is the only message bringing salvation to man, we need to spread it.

aa.) Rom. 1:14-15


1.) Because all mankind have a spiritual terminal illness of sin.

A.) Rom. 3:23

B.) No man can save himself.

C.) The early church was made up of sinners who came under the grace of God.

ca.) Those who came under the saving grace of God experienced such a changed state and blessed peace within that they wanted others to also experience that.

2.) The Church was so moved by the spiritual change and peace they had received from God, that they were driven to share it with others.

A.) The Apostles and early Church were so convinced of the greatness of their salvation that many of the Apostles and members of the early Church suffered persecution, hardship, and death for the cause of Jesus Christ.


1.) Jesus Christ our Lord, was the World’s greatest missionary.

A.) His example is a powerful motivaton for us as missionaries as well.

aa.) Jesus is a missionary sent from heaven to us.

aa.) I John 4:9

B.) Jesus was sent with a special mission.

ba.) Luke 19:10; John 6:38

2.) The commandment of Christ.

A.) Jesus not only taught and practiced missions, but he also commanded it.

aa.) All 4 Gospels and Acts give the great comission in one form or another.

aa-1.) Luke 24:46-69

aa-2.) John 20:21

3.) Gratitude for our own salvation should motivate us to tell others of Christ.

A.) The sinner who has been forgiven of sin should be motivated by gratitude to speak for Christ.

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