Summary: Many years ago there was a TV program called, “The Howdy Doody Show.” It was created mainly for

Scripture: Romans 13:1

Title: “What Time Is It?” (What Time Is It? Is my thought for today)?

Introduction: Many years ago there was a TV program called, “The Howdy Doody Show.” It was created mainly for children.

It came on with a puppet named “Howdy Doody” saying, “Say, Boys & Girls, What Time Is It?” and the young audience answered, “It’s Howdy Doody Time.”

I want to begin this message with the question, “What Time Is It?”

It appears that we are tremendously concerned about what time it is.

Have you ever noticed how many clocks you have in your house?

o Have you ever counted the number of clocks you have in each room?

o We seem to be consumed with keeping up with the time of day.

o The word ‘time’ is used over 600 times in the KJV.

There are clocks on our wrists – in our cars – in our phones – in the radio – in our TVs, along side roads, and this is only a short list of where clocks are found.

I counted 20 clocks inside my house in a matter of a few seconds and there are probably more than that.

Most any preacher can tell you how concerned people are about the time when it comes to the length of the services at church.

If God has a clock what time do you think it is on His clock concerning where we are in Schedule of Events?

o For sure it’s waking up time!

o The natural reply to this statement would be, “Why?”


o This writing is 2,000 years old and Paul was saying the times then were the kind that immediately precede the ‘Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ’ – Rapture!

o 2,000 years since Pentecost – 6,000 years since the Garden of Eden – All Signs of the End have been fulfilled – A sleepy headed attitude toward the times!


o Don’t forget what happened to Samson Judges 16:19.

o What does SLEEP represent? – Unconscious – Insensitive – At ease.

o What brings on Sleep? – Tiredness – Sickness – Drugs taken internally – Comfort – A big meal.

o What does it take to wake someone up? – An alarm clock – Being shaken – A temperature change (Cold/Heat) – Pain.

TIME – It’s Time To Awake – (Is it time for a funeral or a resurrection?)

o Time is non Renewable & Non Transferable – You can’t store it – You can’t slow it up – You can’t hold it up – When it’s lost it has no resurrection.

o Is the Church asleep? – The Characteristics of a sleeping person – Times have changed – The Church is experiencing a very unstable period today. WAKE UP!

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