Summary: What you believe about your giant will determine what you do about your giant.

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What to do when a GIANT stands in your way – week 1

• Week 1 – Discovering Your Giants

• tell story of losing to a personal giant.

• what stands in way of you getting to where God is calling you? Addictions… jealousy… lack of education… self-esteem… secret sin… your attitude… health… not knowing… anxiety… depression… real difficulties

• Maybe so afraid of failing that you’ve stopped trying…

• Maybe so scared of being defeated that you live in defeat… and every time your giant appears… you retreat… shame, etc.

• Maybe you’ve been trying for years…

o Stats - 40 to 60 percent of drug addicts will relapse from their plan of treatment

o 50% of American adults are dieting (lose or maintain) 90% gain back in 1-5 years

o 68% of young men/18% young women view porn at least once per week… whoah… but so often that 2/3 of college age men/ ½ of women think it’s acceptable… we’ve given up on beating it

o 40% of unemployed have given up on looking for jobs

o 2012-53% of singles said they’d even like to get married someday

o Each year, 4000 churches close, 1000 start

• It’s easy to see that there are giants everywhere.

• Let’s read about a famous giant

1 Samuel 17:1-7

• The Philistines (Philistia (fih-LIHS-tih-uh) – greatest enemies) between Israel and the Mediterranean Sea –expanding before and during the time of Saul… had warriors in Israel… governor in Israel… collected a yearly tax. The governor didn’t allow Israelites to have blacksmiths (fear make swords) – philistines would sharpen tools (except for Saul and Jonathan) … there were several battles… then Jonathan killed the Philistine governor… they didn’t take kindly to this… eventually this led to a stand-off between the two armies.

• Philistines gathered for battle… Saul gathered his own for battle… philistines had a champion named Goliath who came out to taunt the Israelite army (ancient times, rival forces sometimes agree to let selected individuals from each side decide a conflict.) he says… if you kill me, we’ll be your slaves… if you… you’ll be ours… says the Israelites were scared.

• Remember Brad Pitt/Troy (movie) – you can save hundreds of lives if you fight their champion…

• He was huge… NLT over nine foot/God’s Word Translation (10 feet)/Septuagint – Gr trans of OT 6’6” (still tall average man 5’6”), huh? Hebrew Masoretic texts 6 cubits (tip of middle finger to elbow – 18 or so inches) and 1 span (tip of thumb to tip of pinky finger – six or so inches)… potentially, 9’2 to 9’6… people shorter back then… Goliath was a monster…

• There was probably still the fear of Nephilim (from spies for Moses) – Goliath was a major barrier!

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