Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What you believe about your giant will determine what you do about your giant.

What to do when a GIANT stands in your way – week 1

• Week 1 – Discovering Your Giants

• tell story of losing to a personal giant.

• what stands in way of you getting to where God is calling you? Addictions… jealousy… lack of education… self-esteem… secret sin… your attitude… health… not knowing… anxiety… depression… real difficulties

• Maybe so afraid of failing that you’ve stopped trying…

• Maybe so scared of being defeated that you live in defeat… and every time your giant appears… you retreat… shame, etc.

• Maybe you’ve been trying for years…

o Stats - 40 to 60 percent of drug addicts will relapse from their plan of treatment

o 50% of American adults are dieting (lose or maintain) 90% gain back in 1-5 years

o 68% of young men/18% young women view porn at least once per week… whoah… but so often that 2/3 of college age men/ ½ of women think it’s acceptable… we’ve given up on beating it

o 40% of unemployed have given up on looking for jobs

o 2012-53% of singles said they’d even like to get married someday

o Each year, 4000 churches close, 1000 start

• It’s easy to see that there are giants everywhere.

• Let’s read about a famous giant

1 Samuel 17:1-7

• The Philistines (Philistia (fih-LIHS-tih-uh) – greatest enemies) between Israel and the Mediterranean Sea –expanding before and during the time of Saul… had warriors in Israel… governor in Israel… collected a yearly tax. The governor didn’t allow Israelites to have blacksmiths (fear make swords) – philistines would sharpen tools (except for Saul and Jonathan) … there were several battles… then Jonathan killed the Philistine governor… they didn’t take kindly to this… eventually this led to a stand-off between the two armies.

• Philistines gathered for battle… Saul gathered his own for battle… philistines had a champion named Goliath who came out to taunt the Israelite army (ancient times, rival forces sometimes agree to let selected individuals from each side decide a conflict.) he says… if you kill me, we’ll be your slaves… if you… you’ll be ours… says the Israelites were scared.

• Remember Brad Pitt/Troy (movie) – you can save hundreds of lives if you fight their champion…

• He was huge… NLT over nine foot/God’s Word Translation (10 feet)/Septuagint – Gr trans of OT 6’6” (still tall average man 5’6”), huh? Hebrew Masoretic texts 6 cubits (tip of middle finger to elbow – 18 or so inches) and 1 span (tip of thumb to tip of pinky finger – six or so inches)… potentially, 9’2 to 9’6… people shorter back then… Goliath was a monster…

• There was probably still the fear of Nephilim (from spies for Moses) – Goliath was a major barrier!

• Side note… Goliath was a man (not anything more)…

• Well… Jesse’s 3 oldest boys were at battle line… David, being the youngest… stayed home to help his dad with the sheep.

• This goes on for 40 days (the taunting) every morning and evening…

• Jesse sends David to the battle line with food for his brothers... their captain… and a special mission. Report back on how your brothers are doing. He shows up… Goliath comes out to taunt… the Israelites run away… but David is upset… he asks

1 Samuel 17:26 – Who is this pagan Philistine anyway, that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God?” – iow – do you have no pride in your Father! Do you not know he will defend you! Why do you let him treat you like this!

• POINT - What you believe about your giant will determine what you do about your giant.

• This giant was unbeatable… for 40 days they hid when he came out!

• If you’re up against your giant and you’re not asking God for deliverance… it’s telling.

• If you’re up against your giant and you’ve stopped imagining a life beyond it… it’s telling.

• If you’re up against your giant and you’ve simply begun to plan your life out with the giant standing in your way… it’s telling. I’m going to sin anyway… I’ll just do it on the computer in the bedroom late at night.

• Story – preacher preaching every week that God can deliver… over and over… while having a year’s long affair. Do we really believe that our Giants can be toppled?

• Story of deliverance… first person I saw baptized from prison ministry… still in church… still off drugs… still with wife and kids…

• POINT - What you believe about your Father will determine what you do about your giant.

• Fast forward - Hold pebble (grab a pebble before hand)... this took out a bigger than life giant

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