Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: 5 Steps to Taking Down A Giant

• Intro Video

• what to do when a GIANT stands in your way – 3

• me - turning 10 hour drives into 16 hour drives since 1993 (10 to 4am). 10pm(when we should have been home) – get call from friend… I knew you wouldn’t be close… but there were Wal-mart’s and pyramids!

• God has a direct path for you to get to where he wants you to be… but we get sidetracked (by what we want).

o How many of you… if you had followed God’s instructions for your life… could have avoided a lot of hardships on your journey?

• God had a direct path to the promised land… but they chose safety

• Path for Thomas (the doubter) but he was afraid to trust

• For Jonah, but he chose politics… or something like racism… or religious pride (They worshipped idols/were enemies) he didn’t like the Assyrians…

o Real life story – old youth group guy went to prison now doing great… could have been great at first if God’s way followed

• We - Today, wherever you are on your path… it’s time to listen?

• Wk 1 – talked about how big a giant is… and how much bigger God is

• Wk 2 – talked about getting ready for battle… we don’t fight our enemy the way he fights us… and that God has given us strengths, experiences and spiritual gifts that make us giant killers!

• Today… we’re going to learn to knock down that giant...

1 Samuel 17:41-44

o Goliath sized David up and attacked his weaknesses (to hurt his self esteem, make him question himself?) (small, not warrior, no experience) … Satan does the same…

 You think you can kick this addiction… look at you… you’ve never kicked anything in your life.

 You think you can graduate?

 You think you can feel proud of yourself

 You think you can be the man she needs… ha!

 Satan knows where you’re weak…

o David seemed to conceal his sling (at least his stones) so Goliath only saw the staff… (I think Satan never sees your potential… surprise him!) – but imagine the silliness of a little inexperienced guy approaching goliath with a staff…

o Goliath cursed him using the names of his gods… so David’s victory was a victory over Dagon (chief god of Phil)

 Dagon – father of Baal, half man/half fish – some think seen as provider of grain… but chief god who personified provision of natural things… thought to that fish and people evolved from together from primal waters… (iow – he gives us life and meaning)

 Worshippers of Dagon were at war with God’s people many times … the philistines credited Dagon with victory over Samson… and offered him for sacrifice to Dagon… later they fastened king Saul’s head to one of Dagon’s temples… the Philistines stole the ark of the covenant and took it to a temple of Dagon placing it next to his idol… next morning, bowed down before it… next morning bowed with head and hands broken off…

 We get this idea that these two gods are battling… but it’s not that… people think that God is battling with them trying to overcome things… that’s the way we see our battles… but God is victorious over this stuff because he’s God and they are not… Dagon wasn’t real… he was their attempt to rule themselves… I do the same… I have my own Dagon’s.

• The Batman vs. Superman argument is the goofiest argument… some people really think batman… superman could burp hard and batman would dissolve into atoms… (I’m sorry… I just made a lot of enemies…)

 Sometimes we live as though we think God can’t defeat Dagon. But here… Dagon doesn’t stand a chance.

 Church thinks we’re battling the world… like we may lose… what if Hillary wins… Trump wins… that’s it… we’ll never recover! What if terrorists win? Zika wins! What if people stop coming to church? Ahhhh! The CHURCH has already won… Jesus won… we’re fighting a spiritual war… not against people or politicians… against Hell… but hell isn’t going to ultimately win… and we can’t live like hell might win.

• But this brings us back to the giant we’re battling…

• Some of us have given up… my health won’t change… my kids won’t talk to me… my work won’t get better… my finances won’t change…

• The 5 Steps to taking down a giant

• 1- Discover God’s plan for battle –

o 1 Samuel 17:45–47 – the lord rescues his people… not with the sword and spear – then how?

o it’s not a worldly plan… God doesn’t do it that way… he doesn’t justify sin… he doesn’t accept things the way they are… he doesn’t let the world dictate the way he does battle.

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