Summary: When God topples your giant... tell the story - there's power to your testimony!

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• what to do when a GIANT stands in your way - 4

• you'll want to provide small stones at the front of the church (you'll see why at the end - the idea is that you put it in your pocket to respond to the message... and you don't take it out until you take the action you've committed to)

• Last week of series is here…

• Q: Who is the greatest babysitter mentioned in the Bible?

• A: David - he rocked Goliath to sleep.

• Q: Why was Goliath so surprised when David hit him with a slingshot?

• A: The thought had never entered his head before.

• Q: If Goliath is resurrected, would you like to tell him the joke about David and Goliath?

• A: No, he already fell for it once.

• Good Stuff – (give your own church testmonies... below are ours)

o Mentioned floor, fundraiser, awesome family gave to replace entire floor… happening Next month

o Laugh your way - 81 people

o New SS class - 21 people

o Summit Heights Night went so well, we’re doing more

o Check out epicenter… awesome remodel… great ss too

o Kids quizzing started, teaching kids Bible creatively

o Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine

 Booths

 Limos and red carpet

 Talking to buddy ball people… we’ll need tons

o Big plans for warm souls

o Possible Mission Trip to Belize this Summer

• Feels good to hear and see God working… energizes me…

• In old church, Sun PM, used to share testimonies… I remember mrs Thelma talking about God’s faithfulness since her husband died… times have changed, but the need to share testimonies hasn’t…

Psalm 107:2 - Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies.

o Redeem here – reclaim a person (economic transaction) – also righting a wrong against family… story of Ruth (Boaz family redeemer) … here, many think talking about rescuing people from Israel… a national call to speak out! For us… just as valid, universally rescued from sin… transaction taken place, etc.

o We’ve been talking about how God will be responsible for the fall of our Giants… so shouldn’t he get credit? We don’t just go on… we tell the story!

• POINT As you learn to testify of God’s goodness… you’ll gain the courage to tackle giants… and you’ll give others the courage necessary to do the same.

• Jesus was doing miracles like crazy… stuff only God can do… (that’s a miracle, right?) and crowds were following him everywhere… looking for him… they found him…

John 6:26 - Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs.

• Get that… they were looking for Jesus because they benefitted from him miracles… were looking for more of that… it’s why kids love Santa Claus… he addresses that… I didn’t do that just so you’d get what you want… you’re missing the biggest blessing of all… a restored relationship with God… you’re just looking for Christmas presents!

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