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Summary: Jesus tells us to "keep watch" and "be faithful" while we are waiting for His return. What did He mean by these words?

• Looks for the working of God and watches for the deceptions of Satan

• Listens to the Holy Spirit reveal truth and danger

C. Poor example from the Thessalonians

Turn to 2 Thessalonians 3:11-13 (quickview)  READ

Some of the Christians in Thessalonica became lazy waiting for the second coming of Jesus. They took the viewpoint that His coming was going to be so soon they quit their jobs and waited at the Temple each day. Although this may sound pious and devout, the reality of the matter is they became a burden on the church because their family had no food or money to pay the bills. They were sponging off their friends and taking advantage of the church. Paul told them this was wrong and go get a job.

2. Be faithful --- Matthew 24:45 (quickview) 

A second illustration Jesus gives to us in this section of scripture has to do with the servant who is put in charge of his master’s household.

A. Good servant verse 46

He is a good servant if when his master returns and finds the servant doing his job and taking care of his possessions.

What does the good servant receive from the Master for doing good? His reward. Are you storing up rewards in heaven for good and faithful service to the Lord?

B. Wicked or evil servant verse 48

This verse explains that the servant could also be negligent and wicked. Notice what it is that the wicked servant would be doing “thinking he has plenty of time” before his master returns. There are many people who are like this wicked servant. However, I would guess that most of you in this congregation do not feel this passage is speaking about you. You have blown off this point because you think it is referring to the heathen because I am not beating anyone or getting drunk.

I want you to understand Jesus is giving this illustration to religious people or in our case --- the church. Notice in verse 51 Jesus uses the word “hypocrite”. No one wants to be called a hypocrite, but too many church members are contenting themselves they are alright when they are not.

Last night while I was reviewing these notes and this passage I felt I had not come to a clear understanding of how this text related to us and then I felt the Lord gave me a revelation. Look closer at the three specific charges against the wicked servant:

1. Thinking the Master had delayed His return

What is the real issue in this point --- time! Many Christians have tried to content themselves that they have worshiped God because they came to the Sunday morning worship service. I have appeased God by being here. Your life is so busy with lots of good things to do that there is no more time to give to God.

If you are too busy to worship God more than Sunday morning, then you are too busy. You need to repent and stop doing some things so you can give God more priority in your life.

2. Beating his fellow servants

I know you would never physically hit or strike another person, so how can you be making this mistake? With your tongue. Your critical spirit, you words of criticism, your gossiping, backbiting --- this is how you are mistreating fellow servants when you ought to be edifying and building up the body of Christ.

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