Summary: Putting on Christ, Our Hearts vs. Our Flesh

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The 3 C’s of a Healthy Church - What We Should Wear to Worship

Romans 13:14 (p. 790) January 15, 2017


From the time I was little I loved wearing a uniform. I played little league and peewee football…I would shoot for hours a day in our driveway pretending to be Jimmy Dan Connor…or Goose Givens or Kyle Macey…I even wore the same droopy socks he wore so I could pull them up at the free throw line before I would dribble 3 times and shoot.

A man named Jack Williams was my basketball coach as I grew up…I’ll never forget in 1971 he bought us new black uniforms with white stripes and shiny satin shorts (and man were they short!) But I’d lay them out the night before with my Chuck Taylor converse tennis shoes so I could be ready to play on Saturday morning…I’ve got a picture…Want to see it?


We won the championship 2 years in a row…This was the second 1972…I have the 1971 ball because they played the championship game on the day I was fighting for my life in the burn unit…after they won they all signed it and gave it to me with “Get Well Soon” written on it


I love uniforms…I wore them in High School and in College…it was easy to tell whose team you played on…all you had to do was look at the uniforms…What you wore would quickly identify if you played for Southland, Lafayette or Johnson Bible College…uniforms make identifying the players easy…That uniform connects you to the other players on your team.

So, what about the uniform we as Christians should wear that quickly identifies who we play for…what about the uniform we wear that connects us to our teammates?

What should Christians wear to worship the King of Kings and to impact the world?

This sermon is not about proper attire for Church attendance. God doesn’t care as much as we do about dress as long as it’s modest and decent. People love to judge by the outer appearance…God looks at the heart according to 1 Samuel 16:7.

This sermon is about what a Christ centered life should look like, not just on Sunday mornings but every single day.


When Romans 13:14 tells us to clothe ourselves with Christ and to not think about pleasing the flesh…it starts with the word “rather.” That word means “the opposite.” Like “I’d rather have the porterhouse than the vegetable plate. I’d rather you give me a hug than hit me in the face…I’d rather eat nails than pull for Duke basketball to win.

So what’s the opposite of wearing Christ in our daily lives? Well, Jesus is the “light of the world.” So the opposite of light is darkness…The Apostle Paul says…“put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the Armor of Light”…let us behave decently as in the daytime…and then he lists 6 characteristics of nighttime clothes: carousing, drunkenness, sexual immorality, debauchery, dissension and jealousy.

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