Summary: What do you want to be remembered for?

Isn’t it amazing how people always remember the bad things you’ve done.

Peter’s Denial not His preaching at Pentecost

David’s sin with Bathsheeba not him bringing the ark home.

Jonah running from God not his preaching

Eve’s sin as oppose to her beginnings

The World remembers the bad things that we have done, Praise God He forgive us. Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

What do we want to be remembered for?

What legacy do we want to leave behind? Not to take any credit, but to say how God has used us.

Acts 9:1-6

Let’s briefly look at Paul’s life

1) Very religious – blameless according to the Law of Moses, a Pharisee among Pharisees, very zealous for the faith of his fathers.

2) Rich Heritage – a Jew among Jews, born into the tribe of Benjamin

3) Well educated – Trained at the feet of Gamaliel, one of Israel’s greatest teachers of the day

4) Ambitious – advancing quickly up the ranks of the Pharisees and had ability, desire and talent far above his peers.

5) Full of bitterness and hatred – hated anything and anyone who could be a threat to the things that he believed, and those who would cause trouble for his people and those who opposed the teachings of the high priest and the Law of Moses. He hated those who preached and taught heresy against the Law that had led Israel for so many years.

I. He Saw the Light

Saul had set off on a mission, to stop the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and arrest or kill its followers. God had other plans.

Suddenly – a blinding flash of light knocked him off his high horse.


Saul encountered the Lord Jesus Christ on that Damascus road and it changed his life forever.

I can certainly say amen to that, I know each Salvation experience is different, but the end result is the same, a changed life 2 Corinthians 5:17. My life has certainly changed since I accepted Christ as my Saviour, since His Light got my attention. … Testimony - Desires changed (Carl)

Is Christ the centre of your life? Is there anything in our lives that take priorities over the Lord?

Once we accept Christ as our Saviour we are:-

• To live a certain way – Romans 12:1-2

• Treat our wives a certain way – Eph 5:25

• Bring our children up a certain way – Proverbs 22:6

• Study God’s Word – 2 Timothy 2:15

• Pray – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Keep your eyes on the Saviour…

The snow covered the ground, and three young boys were playing in it. A man said to them, "Would you like to try to race, with the promise of a prize for the winner?"

The boys agreed, and the man told them that his race was to be different. "I will go to the other side of the field," he said, "and when I give you the signal, you will start to run. The one whose footsteps are the straightest in the snow will be the winner."

As the race commenced, the first boy began looking at his feet to see if his steps were straight. The second lad kept looking at his companions to see what they were doing; but the third boy just ran on with his eyes fixed on the man on the other side of the field.

The third boy was the winner, for his footsteps were straight in the snow. He had kept his eyes on the goal ahead of him.

We have seen the light; we have been changed by the light, keep your eyes on the “Light of the World”

II. He Heard a Voice

Saul had only ever heard one voice before; he had heard the voice of religion and of the world.

It frustrates me that people are happy the listen to the voice of the world today, they will believe a newspaper article or a history/science book, but not God’s Word!!!

Paul now hears a different voice – a voice with power and authority that shook him to the core of his soul.

This same voice had spoken the world into existence.

This same voice had called to Adam in the Garden

This same voice had spoken judgment upon Satan, the serpent and all of creation as a result of sin.

This same voice had spoken to Moses on Mt. Sinai and given the Law

This same voice had spoken to Lazarus and raised him from the dead

This same voice had raised the Window’s son at Nain.

This same voice had caused the Soldiers to fall backward in the Garden of Gathsemane

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