Summary: How to weather the storm, coming out of darkness into his light.

Title: What Do You Do When the Lights Go Out?

Text: John 1:1-5 & 9

Matthew 5:14-16

-I want to talk to you about this simple question - What do you do when the lights go out?


Light the candle

Turn lights out

(Stats by George Barna)

I. Los Angeles School District

A. They practice five drills throughout the year.

1. Including drive-by shootings and riots.

2. The riot drills are not for people outside the school rioting, but the students inside the school.

B. We see the news that juvenile crime is up 600% since 1960, that 27% of all high school students do not graduate.

1. America leads the world in teen suicide and teen pregnancy.

2. We feel powerless to stem the tide of negativity.

3. You have heard the stories, you see the darkness sweep over the young people in our societies, you have heard the statistics.

C. Do you feel powerless against the darkness?

1. If you do let’s turn on the lights tonight.

2. Let’s take a stand tonight for what is right.

What do you do when the lights go out?

Blow candle out wait, then turn lights on, beginning with the platform.

II. I grew up in here in South Florida.

A. The weather as we know can be brutal.

1. Power outages are common.

a. Hurricanes come every year, some are rather fun, others will scare you to death.

b. But one thing is common with them, the power almost always goes out.

2. And when there are no hurricanes, there are thunderstorms that make the ones up North look like April showers.

a. The wind literally blows the rain in a horizontal fashion, so it looks like it is raining sideways.

b. It is nothing for telephone poles to be blown over, or lines to be broken by a falling tree.

B. Florida Power & Light calls these outages “disruptions in the service”.

1. But whatever you call it, the result is the same - darkness.

III. Darkness can be scary.

A. When I was a kid, I remember waking up seeing images in the darkness that were not really there.

1. but the darkness had a way of distorting things that way.

2. It is easy to get lost in the dark.

a. I remember when I was little we lived in VA.

b. I used to run full speed to my grandparent’s house, because I just knew someone was following me.

B. Darkness can bring isolation and powerlessness.

1. You do not feel as comfortable controlling your surroundings when you cannot see them, so you retort to solitude.

IV. Darkness has settled in on this world.

A. The verdict is out on the young generation, the one called “X”.

1. It is one stained by drugs, sin, suicide, and sex.

2. It is the first generation in American history to be nameless.

B. Darkness has gripped this generation.

1. Satan knows that if he can get the youth he has the course of the nation in the palm of his hand.

2. And if he can get the youth of our churches, he has the course of the church in the palm of his hand.

V. The light has been turned off in the world today, sin has had it’s heyday.

A. But don’t get discouraged yet.

1. There is something you must know about darkness.

2. The darker the location the most vulnerable it is to light.

a. Street light comparison.

1. as the road gets darker the light seems to get brighter.

a. Paul said it like this, Where sin doth abound, Grace does much more abound.

B. Its time for us to quite hiding in the corner with the darkness.

1. It’s time for us to shine for his glory.

2. It’s time for people to notice something different about us.

VI. You are the light of the world.

A. You are a reflection of Him the true light.

1. What do you reflect?

2. Are you reflecting his glory or do you have some of the world primp in front of your mirrors.

B. Do you know what makes a lighthouse and a laser so important and powerful?

1. Not the size of the bulb.

a. The lighthouse on Assateauge Island, VA uses a regular light bulb to send warnings to ships over a mile out at sea.

b. It is not the bulb, but the focus of the reflection.

2. I know I am talking to adults, but you get scared too, so hear me.

a. You cannot ride the fence and make it to heaven.

b. It is time for us to shine His light to a world that is groping in the darkness.

VII. The world may not see you and I as much.

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