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Summary: God offers peace to all. What will you do about this offer?


LUKE 19:41-44 (quickview) ; JOHN 16:28-33 (quickview) 

I. WE CAN REJECT GOD’S PEACE (LUKE 19:41-44 (quickview) )

A. The Reality of Rejection (19:41-42)

1. Christ’s visit (See v.44)

2. Christ’s view (v. 42)

a. Looked back: wasted opportunities

b. Looked within: spiritual ignorance and blindness

c. Looked around: religious activity

d. Looked ahead: terrible judgement

3. Christ’s verdict

a. The love of God allows man’s rejection

b. The justice of God appoints man’s reprobation

B. The Result of Rejection (19:43-44)

1. Inescapable Destruction (v. 43)

2. Inexcusable Damage (v. 44)

II. WE CAN REPLACE GOD’S PEACE (JOHN 16:28-33 (quickview) )

A. The Foundation of Peace (16:28)

1. The incarnation

2. The humiliation

3. The exaltation

B. The Failure of Peace (16:29-32)

1. A presumptuous affirmation (vv. 29-30)

2. A prophetic assessment (vv. 31-32)

III. WE CAN RECLAIM GOD’S PEACE (JOHN 16:33 (quickview) )

A. Rely on the Person of Peace (John 14:27 (quickview) )

B. Return to the Place of Peace

C. Rest in the Promise of Peace

1. Joy ("be of good cheer" = "Cheer up!")

a. His pardon

b. His power

c. His presence

2. Victory ("Faith is the victory that overcomes the world" 1 John 5:4 (quickview) )

a. Don’t be overcome

b. Be an over-comer!

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