Summary: We get mad when people say nasty things about us but what about what we say to ourselves? Too many times we allow satan to tear us down from the inside out and to use our thoughts against us. Believers need to bring every thought unto captivity to Christ.

What Your Tongue Says About You

There have been countless sermons preached on the power of the tongue. I have preached a few of them myself over the years and many of those sermons were talking about how what we say affects other people and that’s very important because what we say to and about other people is incredibly powerful both in a positive way and in negatives ways as well.

But today I want to talk to you all about what your tongue says about you and to you. And this aspect of controlling this small body part is also incredibly powerful and it can be used in both positive and negative ways too.

There are a multitude of Scripture verses that speak to us about how the tongue can either be used for good or bad in our lives and the lives of those around us. But before we get to what our tongues say about ourselves I want to pause and look at where what the tongue says comes from.

There are basically two parts of us where our speech originates from, our hearts and our minds. The heart and mind are so important that God says that we are to love Him with all of hearts, all of our souls, with all of our minds and with all of our strength. It is into our hearts that we have to ask Jesus to come and live within us. Ultimately what we say comes directly from what we think at any given time but the heart also plays a part because the Bible tells us that out of the overflow of our hearts the mouth speaks. And one reason that the heart is so important to what we say to ourselves and about ourselves is because that’s where our emotional center is. Like when we tell someone that we love them with all of our heart for example or that we hate someone these two ends of the emotional spectrum come from the heart and the heart is directly connected to our minds and then to our tongues.

The Bible is very clear about how important our speech is to all of us and in Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 we read this: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Now that’s pretty dramatic isn’t it? Or is it? Our words do have the power of life and death. Some words that people speak lead to the killing, physically, of lots and lots of people. Adolf Hitler’s words when he ordered the deaths of over 6 million Jews had the power of life and death in them and he chose death.

But there is also the power of spiritual life and spiritual death or at least spiritual sickness with our words too. And I’m not talking about words from someone else to us at this point I’m talking about what our hearts, minds, and tongues say about each of us. We all know how much it hurts when someone says something to us or about us that is hurtful whether it’s directly to us or when someone is gossiping about us and telling others something about us that they shouldn’t be telling and we hear about it. We don’t like how that makes us feel very much do we?

Well, now we’re going to get to point of this message. If we all don’t like what others say to us or about us that is hurtful and is meant to tear us down then why do we do these same things to ourselves with our own words and thoughts?

And don’t sit there and think that you don’t do this on one level or another because at times we ALL do this to ourselves. And I’m not talking about joking about ourselves like we all do sometimes either. Be honest with yourself right now and think of some of the things that you have told yourselves that were negative and harsh.

Things like I’m worthless, nobody really loves me, nobody really understands me, I’m useless, I’m not a good person, I’m a bad wife or husband, I’m a bad Dad or I’m a bad Mom, I messed up again so God can’t still love me, I could go on and on but you get the idea. These thoughts are not godly thoughts and God really doesn’t want you thinking them and He really doesn’t want you to say them to yourself either.

If other people said these things to us we would probably be pretty upset with whoever said them wouldn’t we? Then my question to you is then why are you saying them to yourself and about yourself? Now, I’m not saying that you should get mad at yourself for saying these kinds of things to yourself but I am saying that we need to get a handle on where these thoughts are coming from and what can we do to stop them from becoming things that we say to ourselves on a regular basis.

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