Summary: Sermon #2 It teaches that Your choices are determined by your values.

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What You’re Tied To

Matthew 6:19-21

Last week I started a series of sermons called, “More than Survivors”… raising your kids to be more than just survivors in this world… raising them to be victorious, winners, and champions.

Our example was Moses and how his mother, Jochebed, instilled in him the character he would need to be victorious.

I told you that…

Your Character is determined by your Choices

Today I want to move to the next step…

Your CHOICES are determined by your VALUES

The choices you make will be determined by what you value, treasure or regard as desirable.

ILL: Two hunters were out hunting and come upon what appeared at first as an abandoned farm…

The barn was sagging, house in disrepair, junk car & car parts lying around. The only thing that made it a working far were a few chickens pecking away and a goat wandering around.

As they entered the yard they came across an old well.

One asked the other “Wonder how deep it is?” Other said, “We’ll have to drop something down and listen for the splash”

They look around for something to drop down the well but the only thing close by was an old transmission.

They both hauled it over to the well and dropped it in.

They counted and waited a long time for the splash - It was deep a deep one all right

They turned to leave and saw the goat was charging at them - Head down horns headed straight for them

At the last moment they jumped aside and the goat went right past them and straight over the side and down the well.

They looked at each other in amazement.

As they started to leave the owner of the farm came up.

They chatted for a moment - Got permission to hunt on his land.

The farmer asked, “Have you seen my goat?”?

They said, “Your goat almost killed us charging at us.

You should have had that goat tied up.”

The farmer, “I thought I had him tied up to an old transmission”

LESSON: You follow what you are tied to

Just like that goat… we often get make bad choices… because of what we are tied to.

That is worth repeating and writing down… You follow what you are tied to

You make choices ((good or bad)) because of what you’re tied to

“Let me ‘splain”

All of us come to those splits in the road (choices) where we can take the high road or the low road… the godly road or the worldly road… the path of victory or the path of defeat

And the truth is… we all wish we were a Moses… that we would turn our back on the things of the world and choose the things of God

We want our children to be Josephs… who run away from sin and receive the rewards of faithfulness rather than enjoy the fruits of sin for a short while

We want to be Joshuas and choose the right road even when those around us are choosing the wrong way.

We like to think of ourselves as champions, and think we would never deny Christ like Peter, or doubt him like Thomas, or betray Him like Judas…

We want to think we would be listed in Hebrews 13 with the hall of fame of believers

But we don’t! When the situation or choice… or temptation… presents itself, we make the wrong choice… we choose the wrong road… we don’t stand strong… we fold like a house of cards.

And there we are, laying flat on our face, ashamed

I have fallen, Lord, once more. I can't go on and I'll never succeed. I'm ashamed and I don't dare look at you

When the wind had died down as suddenly as it had arisen, when the lightening ceased after proudly streaking the darkness, all of a sudden I found myself alone, ashamed, disgusted with my sin in my hands.

This sin that I selected, as a customer selects his purchase.

This sin that I paid for but cannot return… This tasteless sin, this odious sin, this sin that now sickens me, which I once wanted, but I want no more.

That I imagined, sought, played with, fondled for a long time, that I finally embraced by passing you.

This sin that I've grasped and consumed with a gluttony. It's mine now, Lord

Lord, I can't seem to get rid of it.

I can’t take it back… I can’t go back and re-choose

I paid too much

It was false advertizing… it did not give what it offered

Lord. I'm ashamed of being seen by you, for you loved me and I forgot you.

I forgot you because I was thinking only of myself, and one can't think of several persons at once; one must choose and I chose.

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