Summary: Like Paul, We need to do whatever it takes to reach the lost.

WHATEVER IT TAKES-- By Chuck Hendrix

I Cor. 9:19-23

Introduction: "Geronamo Goldsteen, but my friends call me bubba"

Let’s review Priorities of--

1) Christ John 3:17

2) Preacher-- Tim. "Preach the word"

3) Church -- Mat. 28:19-20; I Peter 3:15

ILL. LIFE SAVING STATIONS.... they lost sight of their purpose, are we?

I. Excuses Christians Give --

1) It’s the preacher’s job (yes, because he’s a Christian)

2) I’m not gifted in that area (but it’s a command)

3) I don’t know enough.

What do you need to know to win someone to Christ?

a) You must know what Christ is doing in your life. John 4: 39, John 9:25.

b) You need to be convicted of your own salvation. I John 5:11,12.

c) You stand Holy before God Heb. 10:14

d) You need to understand no on is outside the reach of the Holy Spirit. John 4.

e) They are not interested.

f) Love! the bottom line!

II. Excuses Non-Christians use.

1) It’s hard to admit, when you are wrong.

2) They don’t care.... "I’m just as good as..."

"I’m not interested in being a part of a Church, religion, whatever where there are hypocrites.

3) Bad Experience.... Bible shoved down their throats.

4) They don’t think they know enough.


a) They need to know they are a sinner.

b) They need to know God loves them and He can fix it.

THEY WILL ASK WHAT ELSE THEY MUST DO? ill. $10. bill this morning. If I would have asked Carlee to walk outside and count to 10, she would have, because she wanted the $10.


1) Make initial acquaintance.

2) Establish a growing relationship.

3) Extend an invitation to your home.

4) Cultivate interest

5) Make good use of special Holidays.

6) Be available for Hurting.

7) Be a book giver.

8) Plant seeds of salvation.

9) Be ready to share.

10) PRAY!

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