Summary: Sermon for Father’s Day, 2001.

What’s A Father To Do?

1 Thessalonians 2:7-12

I. Introduction

Fathers desire that their children will follow in their footsteps. What can a father do to ensure that those following in his footsteps will walk the right path? Paul gives us some answers to the question ...

II. What’s A Father To Do?

A. Be Compassionate (v. 7)

It is often hard for dad to be compassionate. He’s the disciplinarian, the firm hand. But just as the Samaritan, in Luke 10, and Jesus in Matthew 9, we must learn to look at our families with compassion.

B. Be Committed (v. 8)

Paul knew that he had a commission from God to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles but he was committed enough to the task that he was willing to give much more--his own soul. Fathers must also be committed to give all they have for their children.

C. Be Conscientious (v. 9)

In addition to working to provide a living for himself, Paul was diligent to share Christ with others. In addition to giving our children food and shelter we must give them the Gospel.

D. Be Convincing (v. 10)

Our families see us as we really are. They know if our holiness is just hypocrisy or if is "Christ in us." If we live in such a way that our children can truly find no blame in us, neither will the world.

E. Be Compelling (v. 11 - 12)

Dad, it’s not just the preacher’s job or the Sunday School teacher’s job. You, too, must plead, encourage, and urge your family to live their life for Christ.

III. Conclusion

Look closely, dad. They are following you, but, where are you leading them?

Preached at Patterson Baptist Church 6/17/01

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