Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon’s aim is to get persons to realize that where they are headed in life is of greater importance than where they have been.

What’s important is where you are going (Genesis 19:12-26)

It has been said that familiarity breeds contentment. It’s safe to say that the previously mentioned statement reigns true for many of us. Once a pattern of living has been established, it is hard to change. Once we get into a certain way of doing

things, it is nearly impossible for us to even fathom the idea that something could be better for us, or at least we think the way we are accustomed to acting, doing or believing is best for us.

Many have looked at the scriptural passage and are quick to lay blame on Lot’s wife for her actions. While she does merit some credit for what she did or failed to do in this passage of scripture, by no means is she alone.

No, Lot’s wife is really no different from any of us. She was a woman who had been accustomed to a certain lifestyle and then all of a sudden to have that lifestyle taken away from her, it had to be difficult. Imagine yourself in her shoes for a moment. Think about how you may have responded if you were given the same set of circumstances.

Think for a moment how you would handle someone coming up to you right now and state that you have to leave your home, job and associates immediately and you’re not given any time to say goodbye. Would you be eager to leave? Would you embrace the overture with enthusiasm and not think about what you’re being asked to do?

I should think not! Remember, familiarity breeds contentment and in some instances contentment

is not all that bad.

But, in other instances contentment can be bad. So in the future, when you hear the story of Lot’s wife, try to put yourself in her shoes. Not only in Lot’s wife shoes, but in Lot’s and the remaining persons shoes who were affected in this passage of scripture.

If you are familiar with Lot and his family’s history, you are well aware that this is not the first time that he has to relocate his family. Prior to the advice given him in this passage of scripture, Lot came to this area after his herdsmen and the herdsmen of his uncle Abraham could not seem to get along and as a result of the lack of space for each of

the inhabitants of his former home land. (Genesis13:5-13).

Now, because of the immoral state of the area where he and his family resided, Lot was being asked to move once again. Lot and his family had a decision to make and they did not have an extended period of time to make up their minds. As with anyone being tasked with such a difficult decision, there was some resistance to the change that had to be made. To substantiate that claim, simply refer to Genesis 19:14 where Lot approaches his sons-in law to be and they did not take him serious.

Later, even Lot, his wife and daughters have to be forced to leave their home because of their familiarity and contentment. Mind you, they have already been alerted that the area where they presently reside will be destroyed by God because of God’s displeasure with what was going on in the area, still verse 16 of Genesis 19 states that

Lot, his wife and daughters had to actually be forced to leave the area.

What’s so hard about leaving some situation, some job, some relationship, some locale, some attitude, some disposition, some negative behavior, some negative habit, some whatever that’s been determined not to be in one’s best interest?

Why do we continue to cling to those situations, those jobs, those relationships, those locales, those attitudes, those dispositions, those negative behavior patterns, those habits, when they are not serving us well?

We need to ask ourselves the above mentioned questions and continue to these visit those questions on a periodical basis.

While Lot, and his daughters eventually escaped their doom, Lot’s wife was not so fortunate. She, we’re told while running for her safety along with her family did the unthinkable in this passage. She went against the advice given in Genesis 19:17, which reads, “As soon as they had brought them out, one of them said, “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away!” (NIV).

We know now from scripture that Lot’s wife did not take the advice to heart because we’re told in Genesis 19:26 that, “But, Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.”(NIV).

What a tragedy, she along with her family escaped the destruction of the city but because of her unwillingness to follow the advice of the angel sent to bring about the doom to her former city, she was destroyed on the spot.

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