Summary: 6 powerful things found in the name above all names - Jesus Christ!

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“What’s in a Name?”

(Acts 4:5-14)

Well, what a privilege to again be in God’s house, in God’s pulpit, to share God’s message from God’s word with God’s people. It truly is a joy to be able to be with you this morning. The reason we’re here is to worship the true living God in spirit and in truth. We’ve come together to worship His majesty and sing praises to the King of Kings and we’ve done that this morning. He is worthy of our worship!

But we’ve also come to fellowship with those who share the grace of God and let Him have His way in our hearts. We are known as “brethren”. The word “brethren” means to be “born of the same womb”. That’s what we are as believers. We have something in common. We’re “born from above”. We’re all in this thing together through the good and the difficult. I hope that’s why you’re here today, to worship and to fellowship.

As we are gathered here this morning, we have come together in the name of Jesus. And if you’re a Christian this morning, the name of Jesus is very special to you. Think about it: He’s the one who paid the price that you and I could never pay. He’s the one born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, desired the Father’s will not His own. The one who was betrayed by one of His own followers; He was mocked, spit upon, beaten and eventually taken out and crucified. And He did all of that just for you and me because He loved us. (Quote John 15:13)

Now folks, if you don’t hear another word I say this morning, I want you to hear this, the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

But the story didn’t end there. He conquered death and rose again, ascended into heaven, He’s preparing a place for us and one day He’s coming back. Now, that’s kind of the Gospel in a nutshell. That’s not all! There’s everything in between and what’s happened since then and what happens everyday. Folks, He’s an awesome Savior!

Think about the songs we sing about the name of Jesus, “There is a name I love to hear. I love to sing its worth. It sounds like music in my ear. The sweetest name on earth.”

“Take the name of Jesus with you”. “Lord, I lift your Name on High”. “Precious Name, oh how Sweet”. “Jesus, Name above all Names”. “His Name is Wonderful”. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, There’s just something about that Name”.

The name of Jesus – the name every knee will bow to and every tongue confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father! Well folks, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m going to speak today about the name of Jesus Christ. I’ve entitled this morning’s message, “What’s in a Name”. Turn if you will to the book of Acts, chapter 4. We’re going to be looking at verses 5-14.

While you’re turning there, let me remind us that the Bible says that “All scripture is given by inspiration”, it’s God-breathed! And it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and instruction in righteousness (II Tim. 3:16). Very simply put, the Bible shows us what’s right. It shows us what’s not right. It shows us how to get right and it shows us how to stay right. Heb. 6:18 tells us that “It is impossible for God to lie”. So what God says we can take to the bank! With that said let’s look at Acts chapter 4, verses 5-14 (Read/Pray).

Before we get into the text, let me give you just a little bit of background of what’s happened up to this point. In chapter 2 the Day of Pentecost has just taken place, where the Holy Spirit came to permanently dwell in the lives of believers, and as a result of that, the once fearful disciples have now become bold ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ. People all around are filled with the Spirit and there’s an accusation made, “Hey, these guys are drunk”.

Well, Peter, being that most vocal, shoot first, ask questions later disciple that he was, stands, preaches a sermon, lays down the law, sets them straight, and when he’s finished there are 3,000 new believers in Jesus Christ! How’s that for the power of the Holy Spirit?

In chapter 3 Peter and John go up to the Temple where they encounter a lame man begging for alms. To make a long story short, the man is healed, the people see that he’s healed and they’re amazed. But they think Peter and John had something to do with it. But Peter wants to give credit where credit is due so he takes another opportunity to preach about Jesus and this time 2,000 more come to Christ.

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