Summary: What are you carrying around?

pack can be a help or a hindrance. Sometimes it can be both.

I.Problems in the pack. Too many times we weigh ourselves down.

A. With sins.

B. With unnecessary burdens.

C.With the problems of others. (Keep out of others busines)

D. The solution is to give it all to God.

II.Missing items from our pack. Things we leave out.

A. Fruit. You won’t go far without sustenance. This can be a help to others.

B. Guidance. Without a map you may never make your destination/

C.Rest. We can rest in God.

III.Accumulating things in our pack.

A. There are times it needs to be cleaned out.

1.Things can spoil.

2.Things can creep in that we don’t know about.

B. There are times it needs to be replenished.

1.Fruit has a limited shelf life.

2.Directions can change.

3.God never changes.

Conc. What is in your pack? Too many times we try to balance it. What we need to do is allow God to pack it. Let Him get rid of all the junk we don’t need and things that are weighing us down and fill it with what we need.

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